Five, Seven, Then Five – Syllables Mark A Haiku – Remarkable Night

At this week’s meeting our Toastmaster Sam surprised us with an assortment of Haiku poems.
After our evening was under way, Sam introduced our first speaker Jane.

Jane was delivering a reading which helped us to think from another perspective. Reminding us that we can sometimes be stuck in the same place, mindset or habit, which can lead to us being blind to the obviousness of a situation right in front of us.
Thanks Jane.

Next up was Steve who told us about a time when he gave in to some niggly signs his body was giving him. In his speech titled ‘The Mole’.
What was intersting, is Steve went to the doctor to have a mole checked… What came next was not expected.
Steve then shared how he had to have heart surgery and how bad the situation actually was, and thankfully he pulled through successfully and life is treating him much better.
Thanks for sharing with us Steve, and a big thanks to that mole.

Our final prepared speaker for the evening was Janet.
Janet reached deep for this speech. She encouraged us with her speech ‘Lets start talking’ to do just that.
We started talking about depression, we learnt some sobering facts and were made to feel at ease with a topic that is traditionally not really talked about.
By the end of this speech we were deep in thought and willing to start talking.
Great speech Janet

Next up was Sam H. Who was leading the charge for table topics by having all our impromptu speaking pretend to be callers into a radio talk show.
The anarchy was as follows; Jan speaking about video games being good for kids, Grey telling us not to sleep on mattresses, Binaya convincing us that Halloween is still relevant, David Bachelor going against the trend for video games saying how bad they were for kids, then David Knight selling us on the idea that he only showers three times a year and that we should too.

Thanks again tonight
We had much fun together
See you on Tuesday

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