Exemplary bald baby goats in a fishing marathon

Our Gary is an exemplar of a Toastmaster.  With all our speakers unable to participate due to all kinds of legitimate reasons, Gary pulled together a great evening of fun and learning, exemplifying the very qualities we aspire to master at Toastmasters.  Awesome.


Another exemplary Toastmaster was Dave B, our Grammarian for the night who did a fine job introducing the word of the day ‘Exemplary’ and listening to our use of grammar.  Better still, we congratulated Dave B on completing his Competent Leader manual tonight with this Grammarian role.  Excellent work Dave!

In a clever twist, Gary put together a panel for the audience to fire questions at about Toastmasters.  Ellie & Tim were in the hot seats, fielding questions about appropriateness of speech topics, emotional speeches and how mentoring works in our club.

Tabletopics was lead by David K with a superb suite of topics, this time between 2 & 10 minutes on the theme of “The first time that I …”.  Jan talked about her first baby, and Ben his first fish.  Jane took the audience through her first marathon and David shaved his head.  Then Ade was milking a goat, on a box with bluetack and – well enough said really – you truly had to be there!

Thank you all for a great evening!

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