Engineering, new leaves & a ginger cat called chocky

The agenda was action-packed with three speeches, a 20 minute supper and a presentation to boot – and it was well worth every minute.  For those who haven’t heard, Dave Young took out the Toastmasters New Zealand Humorous Speech contest in the weekend.  Our Dave is the New Zealand Champion!  More details are on our website, including the full video of the winning speech.  Congratulations Dave!

Tim the Gramarian came up with the word ‘Assert’.

‘How I became an Engineer’
Jennifer introduced Rohit with his speech “How I became an Engineer’  She gave an excellent account of Rohit’s goals and aspirations.

Rohit’s speech was entertaining, engaging and full of enthusiasm and passion.  Talking about his early account as a young boy of how excited he was to hold a spanner and he knew from that point he wanted to be an engineer and couldn’t wait till he grew up to attend university.  It has now been 4 years since graduation and he still holds onto that passion.

Jennifer’s valuation was thorough and cleverly thought out.  Rohit’s energy shown out and he met all of his goals admirably.

‘Turning a new Leaf’

Tasha spoke of Dave’s long term goal of becoming a competent leader.

Dave’s speech ‘Turning a new Leaf’ was engaging, heart felt and sincere.  He presented his account as a young boy wanting to be part of the ‘cool’ group and the antics he got up to.  At the tender age of 50 he turned a few leaves and enjoys embracing life.

Tasha was most impressed with Dave’s personal account of his younger years.  She made reference to his facial expressions and the linkage throughout his speech.  He had good voice projection and hand gestures.

‘Eulogy of a Cat’

Gary made reference to the Communications Manual of what Ade’s goals were with her sixth speech.  Ade’s personal goal is to try and memorise her speech.

What an entertaining speech, full of vibrancy, humour and wit.  Ade had the audience enchanted hearing of what antics the 11kg cat named Chocky got up to over the many years they were fortunate to have him.  What great memories.

Gary said ‘Ade hit the nail on the head’ with projection of voice, the rate she spoke and her pausing was most effective.

Table Topics:
Tasha had a plan and it paid off.  Her Articulate Game had people engaged as a whole and it worked well – thank you for stepping in at the last minute.

Jan did a wonderful job with timing and as usual, gave her account in a very enthusiastic Jan way.

General Evaluator:
Kathy gave a thorough and precise account of members who weren’t evaluated.  Her attention to detail was exemplary and as this was a new role for her, I believe she did an exceedingly good job.  Many thanks Kathy.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards supper – it was lovely.

Marg makes her Toastmaster-role-debut in style