Eating torrid frogs with chocolate ants

“Welcome to the best night of the week” began Toastmaster Ellie with a huge smile. And with that torrid introduction we all knew we were in for a great evening.

Grammarian Jennifer introduced the word of the day “Torrid”, which turned out to be a very compatible word with definitions ranging from hot & dry, to passionate or even ‘hard to contain or stop’.

Next was a reading from Ade, this time from John Kirwan’s book ‘All Blacks don’t cry’. Ade gave some great background on the book before reading the passage she’d chosen, including this brilliant phrase; “Hold on to hope and eventually it’ll take you there”.

Dave B was this evening’s speaker-one, with the inescapable title – “How to make a million”. It came to unfold that there were three ways; earn it, gamble it, or invest it – with the latter of the 3 having somewhat more emphasis! A shining metaphor from Dave’s presentation was the use of the phrase “Eat your frogs” first coined by Mark Twain. Sometimes in investing, you have to eat a frog!

Make a million by investing!
Make a million by investing!

Tasha was next, opening her speech with a challenge to the audience to guess the country she was describing. Henry won the chocolate when he guessed “Where in the world are we going” was going to be a speech about Ghana (But he graciously shared it at supper). Supported with her own images from when she lived in Ghana, Tasha described the history of the area and then some brilliant first-hand stories of life in the country, including an unwarranted experience with ants in her pants!

Tasha launches into her speech with a challenge to the audience
Tasha launches into her speech with a challenge to the audience

With Gary at the Tabletopics helm, we were all a little apprehensive as to where this was going to go! Politics was the order of the night, with two-minute speeches from wannabe politicians gunning for a new role in Parliament.

Jennifer wanted the Minister of Defense role, beginning by announcing her plans to disband the entire department. Then in perfect MP fashion she eventually u-turned on everything she said, winding up the speech exactly where she began! Genius!

Kathy slammed the justice system in her pitch for Minister of Justice, citing the recent case of two musicians who were unjustly arrested in the Port Hills. Speaking with conviction, in two minutes Kathy had us convinced that change was needed and she could deliver it!

Henry, aka shadow Minister for Education wasted no time before hacking into the failings of Hekia Parata & Novopay. “A travesty on democracy” said Henry, as he announced his plans to slash jobs in the department, being a “ridiculous blown-up bureaucracy”. Awesome! Where do you come up with this stuff Henry?!

Minister for Housing candidate Ade shot down the current government over the lack of houses, especially in post-quake Christchurch. Speaking with tremendous emphasis, Ade punched her call-to-action home – “homes not just talked about, but built”. Wow!

Congratulations to Heidi & Daniel for their impromptu introduction tonight. Congratulations also to our new Toastmasters Kenneth, David and Henry for joining!