Dreams, Heros & Circles of Gold

It was a ‘meeting from heaven’ said general evaluator Ellie.  ‘Each speaker responded to the audience.  We all just clicked’.

And the clicking did indeed start with Toastmaster Janet, who warmly welcomed us all and got the meeting running on time.

First in the lineup was Kathy with her CC5 speech Follow your dreams.  What followed was an enthralling recount of a time when Kathy acted on a dream, a very specific dream of someone in danger which turned out to be accurate.  Kathy challenged us to pay attention to our dreams and ‘despite all reasoning & logic, to follow your dreams’.  An incredibly powerful and unforgettable speech.

Kathy shows precisely how it’s done, speaking without notes and with confidence

‘What makes a hero?’ asked Jan, our second speaker of the evening.  ‘They don’t have to wear tight red undies’ she asserted in a cheeky voice.  This speech was structured around two real life heros Jan respects; John Bishop & Archibald McIndoe.  Both heros showed concern for others in need and overcame great obstacles to achieve some massive goals.  Inspirational.

Heros don't have to wear tight red undies asserts Toastmaster Jan!
Heros don’t have to wear tight red undies asserts Toastmaster Jan

Golden circles, whiteboard diagrams and calls to action were all part of JP’s motivational speech It starts with why.  This speech was indeed a paradigm shift in thinking which could be applied to business and personal objectives alike.  A great speech, masterfully illustrated with examples and engaging JP humour.

Toastmaster JP shows how to use a whiteboard effectively
Toastmaster JP shows how to use a whiteboard effectively

Marg’s table topics were hilarious, as she challenged participants to invent a television advertisement for random household products!

Tim began with Masterfood cinnamon sticks, targeting his pitch at the mulled wine market before Dave B had us in stitches as he demonstrated how veterinary-approved canine dental floss had improved his dental hygiene.  Matt was incredible with Mylanta to go for solving those upset stomachs from mum’s home cooking.  “24 tablets for 24 cooked meals”.  Awesome!  Charlotte enthusiastically introduced a 60W uranium light bulb, so you’ll never have to stumble in the dark again.  “And it comes with instructions in 20 languages” she added.

Then in a CCTM first, our guest Steve gave a fantastic introduction, before launching right into a table topic as well.  Incredible!

Congratulations all on another great meeting.