Double trouble cloud

Toastmaster Chrissy was very excited when she saw the massive lineup of cars in the parking lot and people filling into the auditorium tonight.  But we weren’t using the auditorium tonight, and the masses of people weren’t all coming to join our Toastmasters club!  But we did have one welcome guest and some fantastic speeches.

And first to speak was Ade, with her Entertaining Speaker1 project “Twice is nice or double trouble”.  This speech-to-entertain was everything it needed to be – humorous, engaging and entertaining.  Ade captivated her audience with a tale of pregnancy combined with international travel, a wedding and a massive-twins-surprise which apparently left a ‘permanent look of surprise’ on husband Dave’s face!


Our newest Toastmaster, Matt made his official debut tonight with a bard reading titled “I want to be a cloud”.  General Evaluator Ellie praised Matt for his effort, and laid out a great challenge for Matt to become a DTM by age 25!  We’re so thrilled you’ve joined our club Matt.

Dave B’s tabletopics was a riot!  “The bag” was a challenge with a twist and the twist was to introduce a household item as something other than what it is!  Tim had a NASA-designed gee-whizmo onion cutter blade (Coaster), Ellie a great-escape-fly-trap (DVD container) and Jonathan an egg-powered-non-stick mirror which reflects ions cast from your eyes directly back onto your soul (A frying pan).  Finally Dave Y introduced some kind of tazer device which also doubles as a mind-reader (Remote).  Congratulations to our guest for introducing himself too.


Thanks for another great evening!

Oh, and a BIG happy birthday to our wonderful Emma!

See you all next time