Did you know the art of bad news?

“In a nutshell, we’re just here to practise” began Toastmaster Tim as he welcomed the group to tonight’s meeting.  With 7 visitors, 15 minutes for Tabletopics, a speech, a bard and a grammarian the evening was well set to be both entertaining and an occasion to learn something!

First up, to get the ball rolling was Matt with a bard based on 2015 being the ‘International year of light’.  Matt’s reading explained the celebration of everything from light-science & culture as well as the original development of optics some one thousand years back, through to fibre optics today.  It’s amazing what you learn at Toastmasters!

Ade took the floor next in her Grammarian role to introduce the word-of-the-day “Equivocate”.  At the outset, this difficult word seemed almost unusable, yet was actually a massive success, with several of our guests using it in table topics!  In Ade’s report at the end of the evening, she was clearly very impressed with both the language and grammar used throughout!

Completing the ‘Speeches by management’ manual tonight was Dave B with his speech “The art of delivering bad news”.  This was a speech of three parts including a middle role play section based on a house sale which evaluator Gary praised Dave for absolutely ‘nailing it’.  Dave did a great job of this speech right from the ‘get-go’ with the rhetorical question “Do you want to the good news or the bad news”?  Well done Dave and congratulations on completing Speeches by Management tonight!


David K lead the evening’s Tabletopics based on the catch-phrase “Did you know that I once …”.  In what must’ve been a record for CCTM, we had 9 speakers take part in the madness!  There was Jennifer who held a guiness world record for book-crossing & JP who once was an ectoplasmic engineer seeker!?  Then our newest member, Wayne explained how he used to work at the Cadbury chocolate factory and Zak described how he once trained as an astronaut with some kind of faulty amateur space rocket made at the University of Canterbury!  Then there was Sam who trekked across Australia filling his pockets with rocks, Sergie who once won gold at the Olympics playing darts and Greg who once was a grave digger!  Congratulations to AJ for taking the time to introduce himself tonight also.

Thank you all for another great evening

See you next time!

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