Cooking up a Tiramisu dictionary

What a night, rainy and stormy outside with gales of laughter inside.


Jennifer enlightened us to the origins of the modern dictionary and Samuel Johnson’s legacy to the English Language.  He was the father of the modern dictionary and we were introduced to words that no longer have meaning for us or others who have completely changed their usage, such as terrific, which used to mean terrified.

Jan then demonstrated great use of body language as she revealed a quick way to create a wonderful dessert.  In a short time she whipped up and built a Tiramisu, which we all enjoyed at break time.  With her wonderful assistant JP, we were well entertained; move over Jo Seagar.

Then Huston we have a problem.  Gary outlined a small element of our club life that he would like our opinion on, in our quest to create a strong and professional club and club meetings.  The position of Sergeant at Arms needs a revamp.  Gary has placed some thoughts and options on our website and has asked for us to read and respond to them there.  Look at the section called “podium points.”

Table Topics

In table topics we learn ’t that Tasha now knows how to get out of a hole, an ice hole that is and Kathy likes riding on the back of a Harley look alike.

Area G3 Contests

If you haven’t heard, JP won the International Speech Contest at the Area G3 contest, and Dave won the Evaluation Contest.

Thanks to Jennifer and Chrissy who helped set out the morning tea and then clean up afterwards.

Due to power failures and computer melt downs, this week this recap is brought to you by;

Dave Young