Chasing reasons to go thinking in the midst of Nepal

You never know what you’re going to get at our club & tonight was no exception!  Three incredible speeches, a mandatory, full-club round of ‘something great this week’ tabletopics and an outstanding bard reading.

Our first speaker was Sanna with “Thinking in the midst of a disaster”, a stirring speech on the topic of organisations which thrived and grew through the Christchurch Earthquakes.  Sanna described how organisations which valued collaboration, were naturally innovative and particularly responsive to employees had a predisposition to succeed.  Congratulations on a great speech tonight Sanna, and with no notes!


Binaya was our second speaker tonight, making a new start in the Speaking to Inform advanced manual with “Reasons to go hiking around Nepal & the Himalayas”.  This speech was laced with rich information & facts, such as how Nepal has 9/10 of the world’s highest peaks, 500 species of butterfly and 35 ethnic languages!  Incredible.  Using only his words, Binaya painted pictures in all of our minds of how this incredible country would be.  Thank for this great speech Binaya!


Our final speech for the evening was Bryce’s 5th already in the Competent Communicator manual.  “Chasing success” had textbook speech structure, fantastic analogies and great big rhetorical questions like “What do I want from life?”.  Bryce had the audience completely engaged as he spoke on the topics of goal setting, reflective questions and circles of influence.  Well done reaching the mid-way point of the Competent Communicator manual tonight Bryce!  What a great speech for this occasion.


Reading an article tonight was Daisy with her first Toastmasters bard.  This was an incredible passage, based around the concept of marginal gains; “1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do”.  Daisy absolutely nailed this speech tonight, with great pace, pauses and voice projection.  Well done picking such an incredible passage tonight Daisy and congratulations on this first speech project.daisy


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