Change your life, speaking with sharks

Thanks to everyone for an energy filled night this week!

Janet, our toastmaster this week kicked things off with a story about how she had been taking in the wonder of little ole New Zealand and what it has to offer.  We were told tales of sharks and the native wildlife of Stuart Island.  We were all jealous.

Our first speaker for the evening was Ben, who bravely told us about growing up with a stutter.  He helped us to understand more about people who have a stutter and how he has managed his own.  To top it off, it was Ben’s first speech, and what fantastic effort it was.

Next up was Matt, who introduced us to ‘How to change your life in 2mins’.  We were introduced to power poses, testosterone, Cortisol, Any Cuddy and much more.  Plus, Matt challenged us to use these techniques in our everyday life and share them with others.  Great speech Matt!


Next up to remind us the New Years resolutions aren’t just about losing weight and saving money, was David, who was our Table Topics Master tonight.  He invited Toastmasters up to share their resolutions with us … only he was the one giving them out.   Then, madness ensued …

First up was Ellie who told us about how she was ‘going to build a treehouse to live in’.  Despite only the fact Ellie had only been give this topic a few seconds earlier, it was like she had given this some serious thought.  However a cubby house within a tree rather than on it, sounded a little cramped – but we were sold on the idea!

Next was Jennifer who was ‘only going to wear the colours of her favourite fruit’.  This could have been a tough topic, but Jennifer took it in her stride and had us believing that dressing in green was indeed dressing like her favourite fruit … a raspberry.

Then Jan shared her passion for fashion and how she was join to risk it all to become a ‘traveling hat salesperson’.  To make it even more challenging she would be specialising in bowler hats … for women!  After all, what woman wouldn’t look the part with her brolly, jacket and bowler hat.

A couple of our guests got up to introduce themselves.  First was Wayne, who did a fabulous job and displayed some impressive speaking talent.  To finish off the round of Table Topics was Sergie, who also had no trouble getting up and sharing a few words, with that sort of kickstart it easy to see Sergie will do well at Toastmasters.

Big thanks again to everyone for making it a great night.

See you next time.

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