Change the perfect patching process

Change.  It comes to all of us, and tonight Toastmaster Ade set ‘change’ to be the theme of the entire evening.  Opening with a story about her family, Ade told how she’d “switched from one teenager to another”, sending one son off on an exchange to the USA and gaining a new son from Italy – Roberto, who we welcomed as a guest tonight!

“Cruising all the way to the buffet” was a hilarious bard reading that Jane gave this evening.  This Dave Barry satirical piece was set around a five day cruise through the Gulf of Mexico where the passengers did nothing but eat meal after meal after meal.  Laugh out loud funny, and incredibly well read by Jane.

With his second Competent Communicator speech project tonight was one of our newest members, Sam H with “The perfect holiday”.  The ‘Organise your speech’ project is based around the skill of building an opening, body and conclusion into a presentation and Sam pulled this off beautifully tonight as he built up a convincing argument to take your next holiday in Nelson instead of going overseas.  Beaches, sun, clear lakes, wine and food – “A week of paradise at a fraction of the price”.  Congratulations on a great job tonight Sam!


Giving his second speech from the ‘Speaking to inform’ speech tonight was Tim with a project based around demonstrating.  “The Post Release Patching Process” was a demonstration of a process that Tim readily applies at his work, after releasing new versions of software.  Tim described the problems associated with releasing new versions of software into the world, then using Prezi presentation he demonstrated with examples, the process he uses to monitor and overcome such problems.

Dave B’s tabletopics were a hit tonight!  Sergie kicked it off talking about the importance of Science and how it had influenced his life to date.  Our newest member Binaya was next, discussing the importance of history with reference to Nepal & its war history.  David Ba talked about the importance of Home Economics, “Many people don’t realise it’s benefits in life”.  Speaking about Geography was Gary, who reminisced on picking electives at school, then exam technique at university.

Congratulations to Roberto and Gray for coming along and introducing yourselves tonight.

See you all next time!

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