Caption that! Race for an ice breaker

Another ice-breaker night!  Titled “What race am I?”, Kahu’s introductory speech had something for everyone; intrigue, humour and some great background into the rich life of one of our newest members.  But what really impressed the audience was the speaking skills which Kahu showed on the night, great pace, speech clarity, eye contact and speech structure, which all summed up to a truly engaging speech.  Congratulations on achieving this milestone tonight Kahu, welcome to the Toastmasters programme and welcome to our club!

Kahu presenting his amazing ice-breaker speech.

Table Topics Master for the evening was Matt, with a hearty challenge of ‘Caption that’.  Armed with a stack of printed photographs, Matt picked unwilling subjects from the audience, tasked with speaking for two minutes.  Ade drew a photo of a lion, right beside a man in a tent, causing her to reminisce on the time she saw this on safari in South Africa.   Carrying on with the animal theme, Sergie’s photo showed running with the bulls, or should that be ‘hanging with the bulls’ with contestants literally hanging from a window sill as a bull paced underneath.  Sergie was waxing lyrical about this way to ‘impress the ladies’.  Tim had the old surprise pie in the face, a set-up on his 30th birthday party.  Our guest Nick spoke about his mother-in-law’s parking skills and David K, reminisced about on a certain car-beaching he helped with including a certain drug-infused treasure-trove he found in the back seat!

Ade going on safari.

Sergie running with the bulls.

Tim getting a pie to the face.

Nick giving his mother-in-law driving tips.

To use a classic Ellie-ism, ‘Big ups’ go out to our legendary Toastmaster David Brierley, who carried off the role so well tonight.  He stepped up and took the role when there was a vacancy, re-jigged the agenda, filled gaps on the night and brought it all together like a pro.  Well done Dave, you nailed it!

See you all next time!

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