Canines, Peace and History

This week at Cathedral City, we had heck of a time. Want to know what happened? Read on.

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Kathy. She welcomed us for the evening and then slowed us down with a moment of calm.
Refocused on the night ahead she got us under way by inviting up our first speaker Sergie with his speech ‘Why did I say yes twice.

IMG_0621 Sergis told us about both times his daughters brought home dogs and how both times he said they could keep them.
We were then to learn how expensive and frustrating these decisions would be for Sergie.
Angel was the first, a dog who turned out to have an expensive medical condition resulting in many vet bills and the second, Prince, who is a prolific barker. It also seemed that it didn’t matter where or what time of day, or night, Prince was walked he found another dog to bark and set off the neighbourhood.
Despite these challenges, Sergie insists he is very attached to his canines and wouldn’t give them up for anything. Good luck Sergie.

IMG_0622 Next up was Gary, who gave us a point of view on war with his speech ‘Give peace a chance’.
Gary’s message was one drawn from his own feeling and experiences. It carried a poignant message about our own ANZAC day and other days that carry the same meaning.
Its hard to describe in written words how everyone was feeling, but it would be fair to say that this speech carried with it a great deal of emotion and passion and the only way to understand it, would be to hear it for yourself. Thanks for sharing Gary.

20141202_195112Our last speaker for the evening was Jennifer who was speaking to us about the The Ceismic Digital Archive.
As someone who has experienced the Canterbury earthquakes and known Christchurch in her previous glory, this was a brilliant speech and introduction to what the crew are doing down at Ceismic.
Preserving history that could not be preserved and showing others the beauty that once was.
Thanks so much for all your hard work Jennifer, and of course all the hard work of your colleagues.

Sam was up next to treat us to Table Topics.
He had pictures pinned up on the board where speakers would have to explain what was happening to the rest of us.
With JP’s Cycling pile up, Matt’s Flirty ambulance ride, David’s Frosty the snowman Navy Seals job, Dave’s Soccer ball suit referee training and Jane’s Epic lawn mowing impromptu speeches you can imagine the amount of laughs we had.

Thanks everyone for a fun evening. See you soon.


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