A mother knows best, or does she?

What a great night it was last night with our first ever ‘official’ (judged and scored) Club Debate!

My what a battle. With a moot like ‘Mother knows best for her child’ it was bound to get messy, and the teams did not disappoint.

With Jan leading those in favour of the moot, she gave them a strong start and setting up Aid and Dave superbly.
Then myself leading those against jumped straight in with some good old fashion slander and slagging. Aah Toastmasters, the land of the free.
With my team of Rohit and Randal behind me I thought we were sure to win.

Alas it was not to be, with Jan, Aid and Dave B taking out the debate with some clear cut team work and excellent points.
While Team JP didn’t quite take home the title Rohit, Randall and I put our best feet forward.
The Judges informed us all there were only a few points in it.

Well done to Jan’s team.

We also had a great table topics session.
Gary as Table topics master he brought his A game and made sure each speaker would have to use all their skill to make the ‘Current Event’ style topics come alive, and everyone delivered excellent speeches.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week for another night of awesomeness.