Impersonating Italian Churchill

Tonight was an all-round high quality evening. High quality speeches, high quality language and even some high quality impersonations. And the impersonations kicked off with a brilliant rendition of Winston Churchill’s famous WWII speech, complete with accent and Churchill-gestures. Hot on his heels was Jonathan with ‘Today in history’ which began at 2AD and wrapped up some 150 years in the future with the invention of time travel! Then Ade took the floor with her masterful speech ‘Italian experience’. Brilliant storytelling and wonderful metaphors laced with humour made this speech a real treat for us all. Table topics tonight was on the verge of getting out of hand with Dave B. rolling out some classic topics based on award acceptance speeches: Gary had “Bacon slicer of the year”, Tasha with “Sheep shearer of the year”, Rohit with “Dog shampooer of the year” & Jonathan’s impersonation of the “Knicker-stitcher of the year” was, well let’s just say, You had to be there. Excellent low um & ah counts tonight and prodigious use of the word “prodigious”.

Next week is debate night – see you all there.

Ade making fantastic use of hand gestures during this evening's Italian Experience speech
Ade making fantastic use of hand gestures during this evening’s Italian Experience speech

PS. Demonstration night is September 24 @ 7:30. Bring a friend.