Summer’s a plastic folk tale

This meeting was bursting at the seams! Everyone had a role, everyone had some cake and we all had some fun.  Here’s how it all un-folded …

First up was our grammarian for the evening, David Ba, with his two words ‘Superfluous’ and ‘Disemboguement’.  He proceeded to throw down the gauntlet, offering gold star rewards to anyone who could use the second word correctly!  Love it!

Kahu was next, with a reading from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. This was a section based on the power of frustration, Kahu spoke about the initial journey the founder of FedEx took, which was born out of frustration. You really nailed this bard Kahu, well done.

Speaker number one took on project number nine tonight!  David K’s penultimate speech from the Competent Communicator manual titled “Summer is a bummer” was an entertaining multimedia extravaganza.  David systematically ripped apart the fallacy that summer is better than winter.  There were graphic slides of sunburn, insect bites, inclement weather and school-holiday-degrading-IQ, all summed up with the phrase; “Summer is out to get you”.  Brilliant!  Well done David, it’s great to see you getting into the speech projects again.


Starting out in the Story telling advanced manual tonight was Dave Brierley with “A folk tale”.  Dave gathered us all around him, as he set himself up with the seat and large storybook to tell the tale of Maid Marion and Robin Hood.  And we were captivated!  Just look at the picture below.  A beautifully executed speech, congratulations Dave!


Back again for his second Competent Communicator speech was our speechcraft student Bryce, with “Plastic Fantastic”. The objective of this speech was to use structure, and structure was precisely what we got, coupled with a strong environmental message which all added up to incredibly powerful speech.  Bryce encouraged us to lay off the plastic – for the sake of the fish, our health and our environment.  “We are letting plastic consume us” he asserted.  Congratulations Bryce – you nailed it.


Pooja’s table topics were phenomenal tonight.  It was time to sell, and she had some hilarious photos of things she wanted sold.  JP had a drink-powered mobile phone while Nina encountered some kind of sun-flower-noodle-eating-contraption.  Gary sold brick shoes, “for strong ankles like a horse”.  Seriously.  Whereas Jane sold us a $1000 car wreck, just to make you feel better.  Jennifer hit a similar theme, selling a $50 floppy banana and orange peel for motivational use in front of the mirror in the morning!  Congratulations to Daisy for standing up and introducing yourself tonight.

Thank you all for contributing to such a great evening.  Congratulations to Sam & Margaret on their wedding last weekend!

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