An alternative through the lens of the Batchelor

A monumental evening with two great speeches and a hilarious table topics hosted by Jan. General Evaluator Dave B summed it up nicely when he remarked on the great culture of our club and how this aides learning by having fun at our events.

Ade kicked us off in fine form before Grammarian Sergie introduced the word of the day “Legerity”.

Tim gave a roller-coaster speech from the Technical Presentations manual with the objective to deliver a technical speech to a non-technical audience. ‘An alternative to explicit modelling’ achieved just that, as he picked apart the differences between explicit and implicit geological modelling through a live demonstration, taking questions as he went.

Speaking from the Competent Communicator manual tonight was Matt with “Through the lens”, a clever speech based on his brilliant Year-12 photographic art portfolio. Matt had his audience interested and engaged as he gradually unveiled his work, describing the progression of the photos across the three main panels. This speech had some great language and was delivered with the passion this art deserved. Congratulations Matt!


Table Topics tonight was themed “The Bachelor”, complete with Jan asking guest bachelors to ‘accept this rose’. Jan had it set up beautifully – bachelors would pick up two objects from the table, describe how these might aide their date with the bachelorette before she got her rebuttal. Crazy! Dave Y kicked it off with a home-made paraffin wax candle and Bombay Gin. This did not impress Jennifer, who let him down, um, gently saying “I would prefer someone with a little more romance in his soul”. Ouch. Sam went all domestic goddess with excessive early morning vacuuming and cooking duties which Jane saw right through, although she did identify ‘some synergies’. JP went all-out, taking the opportunity to pedal some mechanise in what could only be described as a two minute infomercial. Ellie was far from impressed by this man’s attempts to ‘vacuum his way into my life’. “I’d rather spend the rest of my life alone than with a man who doesn’t know how to woo me” she retorted!


An awesome evening. Thank you all who contributed!

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