A wasteful taste of endurance

It’s great to be back!  It’s February already and the club is in full swing.  We had it all happening tonight – plenty of guests, two phenomenal speeches, our Tabletopics extraordinaire Gray with another insane challenge and a great warm atmosphere that wasn’t just due to the weather.

But before all of that was Luke with a reading from ‘Endurance: Shakelton’s Incredible Voyage‘.  A rich introduction set the scene – a boat locked in the ice and a hull beginning to break up.  Feelings of uncertainty, fear and helplessness in the face of the elements clearly emerged through Luke’s reading.  A great choice of text and an excellent bard – congratulations Luke.

Launching straight into the advanced manuals tonight was Jan with project #1 of ‘The entertaining speaker’, titled ‘A taste of freedom’.  This speech was %100 entertaining.  Jan held her audience beautifully as she skillfully retold the utterly hilarious account of how she broke free of Invercargill to dog-sit for a household in London.  Using magnificent language and wit, Jan built the story to a climax where muggers on the London underground got away with her luggage, containing nothing but a deceased dog.  Absolute gold!  Thank you for this Jan, there’s no question that you are an absolute master of story telling!


Hot on Jan’s heels was Sam B with his 9th Competent Communicator speech ‘Waste not want not’.  To persuade with power was the objective and Sam did precisely this, on the topic of water use.  Basing his argument on volumes of fresh water available in the world, population statistics and the latest information from the WHO regarding access to fresh water, Sam made an incredibly strong case for people to think twice about their habits with household water and be grateful for what most of us take for granted each day.  Well done on achieving all of this tonight Sam.


Gray was our table topics master tonight with another manic challenge, this time, some form of Pictionary-impromptu-speaking hybrid!  Speakers not only had to speak about a new and emerging trend, but also draw that trend for the next person.  Gold!  David K spoke about magic paper for capturing selfies, then Sanna talked about magic sausages with hidden pheromones for dogs.  Kathy got stuck on the pros & cons of dating a bearded man and Kahu talked about super-skinny people who were so light and stream-lined they could fly!  Sergie’s trend was a new augmented reality device which could beam images directly into someones head!


Thank you all for a great evening.  See you all next time.

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