A technically simple night at the movies

What a fantastic meeting we had on Tuesday night.

With a mixture of technical speeches, interesting topics and good ole Toastmasters Tom Foolery, we had a great time.

Ellie kicked us off as Toastmaster, reminding us that Tuesday is her favourite night of the week, of course we all felt instantly awesome and ready to go after being sweet talked.

Emma was up next to introduce Chrissy. It was Emma’s first Introduction and evaluation and she started off like she had been doing this for a long time. Giving us enough to whet our appetite but not the whole meal. She left the right space for Chrissy to jump on in.

Chrissy then came up and gave her speech on ‘Creating a Magazine’.
She took us through the process from when content is decided upon for a magazine, how it is compiled, proofed, printed, distributed, subscribed to and so much more.
It’s hard to imagine she was able to fit all of that into one speech.
I could tell the Toastmasters in the room felt they knew enough to change their professions.
Super interesting.

Next up was JP, he introduced Dave Young and his speech ‘Thub-Dub’. As per usual JP added some from the hip humour and made stuff up. =P

Dave gave a technical speech for non-technical listeners about the Sphygmomanometer.
A what I hear you say?
Oh you didn’t know? Its a blood pressure meter.
He spoke about Systolic this and Diastolic that… What you’re still lost?
Fear not, all you need is to hear Dave’s speech.
Amazingly we were given a lot of complex information, in a way we could all understand.
Another profession altering speech.

Our Table Topics Master Gary was up next to scare the pants off us with a night at the movies.
With a wall full of movie posters we had to pick one and give the audience our review.
Everyone was ready to rock. Thats when Gary dropped the twist bomb. Each poster was secretly numbered and you had to pick a number to get your random movie. Eeek!

First up was Janet, and boy did she deliver, she told us about the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which of course was about a dog who lived in the slums and found a lot of money. Genius.

David was up next to tell us about The Sound of Music.
Turned out David was secretly a music promoter and was pointing out the positives of the digitally remastered classic.

Ade was up next to tell us about an obvious favourite of hers. Phycho.
While it had been a while since Ade had seen this film, maybe even so long it possible was never seen, she jumped in to some very detailed words pictures… I could see Ade starting to get into character too well, and she stopped herself in the nick of time.
Look out Dave.

Ellie was out last table topicee who seem to get the most relevant movie to toastmasters on the board.
Ellie gave us her review of The Kings Speech.
In the space of 2mins, we all wanted to watch the movie again.

All round it was a great night, thanks so much to all who came along and of course our Timer David and GE’s Dave and Ade. Who capped of our night with excellent reports.

Remember next week we are hosting a speechcraft graduation.
Make sure you are there normal time to start.
Dave Young will be making a few changes to next weeks time table to suit the night.

See you next time!