A revolutionary incident with insects

With a slow clock doing it’s best to start us late, a relaxed Toastmaster Gary took charge of the situation and launched the meeting with style and grace.

Grammarian Dave began with something JP would later refer to as a “good-bad” joke before announcing the word-of-the-day “Revolutionary”.

David delivered a cracker 3rd CC speech tonight, titled “Waiter, there’s no fly in my soup”.  The task was to get to the point and David certainly did, right after a short warning for those with squeamish tummies!  David’s speech was clearly well researched, bursting with appropriate facts and detail, all based on the argument that there’s nothing wrong with insects taking a dominant part in human nutrition!  “You can forget about fart tax if you’re farming insects” and “Try roasting a couple of huhu grubs with your sausages on the BBQ next time” were two classic quotes from this great speech.  Congratulations David!


Tim took us into the Entertaining Speaker manual next with his Dramatic speech “An incident on Sergeant’s Hill”.  Tim recounted his close encounter with an enraged calf on a West Coast back-road which ended in a massive tangle of bike, calf, Tim & cow poo!

Kenneth ran a great Tabletopics session this evening, using sample questions typical of what we should expect in next week’s Tabletopics contest.  Ellie began with some tips for soon-to-be drivers – ‘think about the safety of others’, and ‘make sure you click’.  Then Jen took over with what she wished she knew before she was an adult.  “It’s pointless to plan your life” she asserted before describing some of the fantastic twists her life had taken so far.  Dave Y gave us the advice he would give to himself at age 10 – ‘Pick up after yourself’ and Matt shared his thoughts on his idea of the perfect $100 product – an Apple Mac.  Congratulations to our guests Myer & Peter for taking the opportunity to introduce themselves tonight too!

The star of the night was Marg, with what Grammarian Dave Y described as a fault-less performance.  Absolutely no ums, ah’s or any other ‘fillers’ and all delivered at a perfect speaking pace, which Dave attributed to her success with the fillers.  Brilliant!

See you all at the contest next week!