A new Toastmasters year beckons

“This year has been a real eye-opener” began the outgoing CCTM President JP in his AGM address this evening.  Eye-opening for being responsible for people’s development, for doing the right thing for the people and the club.  JP went on to say that his experience as club president had been quite timely, setting him perfectly for a new position at work with new challenges.  “It’s all about growth” he said, “But having plenty of laughs and enjoyment at the same time, and that’s the core of what we do here”.  JP will continue the President role for 2015.

Tonight was our Annual General Meeting where we appoint new leadership roles for the next Toastmasters year which runs from July 1.

Out-going VP Education Tim, paid homage to the healthy core of members who always attend, encourage others and form such a great nucleus for learning.  “It’s great to see so many people knocking off personal goals” he said.  “2014 was a solid year where many people had marched through their projects, and we’ve had a great time doing that too”.  Other small wins for the year included our educational content online as well as the “Our people” online progress chart and the series of educational speeches that were scheduled.  DCP points currently at 3/10 should lift to 6/10 before the end of June, but with a wave of awards about to come in after July, we’re well set up for a great DCP score in 2015.  Tim will continue the VP Education role for 2015.

Past VP Membership Dave B talked about how he’d developed the role over the year, forming processes for welcoming guests, inducting new members and linking this with club committee.  Dave praised the club leadership training events for the effect they had personally made to him in his role.  These comments, were echoed by Tim & JP as well.  Dave was proud to report the club as having 28 registered members, 19 of which being regular attendees and 7 seven new members for the year.  Dave also referenced the success of the recent IPENZ membership campaign which is expected to bring in four new members.  Dave will take the Treasurer role for 2015, his successor for VP Membership will be Ade.

Past VP Publicity Ellie talked about her job being a role in progress or blank canvas, due to the manner in which our great online presence dominates our publicity activities.  Ellie referenced conversations she had had with other Toastmasters around the country, saying how well we are known and with reference to past-president Gary, how we truly have become ‘The jewel in the crown’ of Christchurch Toastmasters.  David K was voted into this position for 2015.

Outgoing Sergeant at Arms David K described his role for others and was duly complemented for his diligence in this role over the past 12 months.  We also took the opportunity to congratulate David for his recent massive achievement of 1st class honours with his Masters degree.  Exceptional!  Sam & Chrissy take the Sergeant at Arms role for 2015.

Election of new club officers was mostly a formality, with many successors already committed to the new roles.  We welcomed Jan into the leadership team for the first time as the club Secretary and acknowledged Sam in his absence and Chrissy for stepping into the important Sergeant at Arms role.

Congratulations to those who took roles in 2014 and worked to make this year such a success.  Congratulations to those who stepped up into leadership positions for 2015, we are poised for success again!


2015 Leadership Role Person
President JP
VP Education Tim
VP Membership Ade
VP Publicity David K
Secretary Jan
Treasurer Dave B
Sergeant at Arms Sam & Chrissy

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