A muddy good mindset

A shorter evening tonight to allow time for a social drink afterwards – short but high quality, very entertaining including some fantastic ‘first times’ as well.

Toastmaster Janet welcomed us all, including our guest Ben, before introducing her birthday theme for the evening, knocking us over with the statistic that there’s a one in four trillion chance that we were even born!

Maya gave her first bard tonight, a review of Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset – how you can fulfill your potential” – a $3 book she picked up one time when ‘the universe looked down on me and smiled’!  A very apt reading for your toastmasters audience Maya!

Malcolm gave his ice breaker speech from the Competent Communicator manual.  ‘Muddy good fun’ was an incredibly entertaining and captivating speech of transformation, from a Malcolm who ‘would rather drive to the gate to get the mail’ to a new Malcolm who runs around Hagley Park for fun, and came second in his age-group at a running event!  As Ellie said in her evaluation, the icebreaker speech is all about discovering what speaking abilities you have, and from tonight’s talk, we could see that Malcolm already has plenty!  Congratulations Malcolm on achieving this milestone!


David K ran a brilliant Tabletopics based on book reviews in the theme of a “special guy’s birthday” that is coming up!  The books were  presented in a basket with a tea-towel draped over top which had Dave B devastated when he discovered there were no complimentary muffins in this Tabletopic!  Congratulations to our guest Ben for standing up and introducing himself tonight!

See you all next time

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