A Highly Motivated Wedding in Vegas

We had a great meeting tonight, because Toastmaster Gary organised a slick schedule that everyone enjoyed.


The first speech tonight was delivered by Steve, who talked about why he is forcing himself to go to the gym and how he stays motivated. Steve outlined the “what”, “why”, and “how” in relation to keeping on top of our goals and keeping focused.


The second speaker was Steve, who took us on a journey to Las Vegas where he eloped with his partner. It must have been quite the experience, but we were all shocked to learn that Elvis wasn’t invited!

Table topics were administered by Binaya, who asked people to speak on a wide range of travel-related topics. It was great fun and a very wide-ranging topic that let everyone stretch their impromptu speaking skills.

After the supper break we had a bard reading from Ryan who read some passages from a book written by one of his surfing heroes. It was fascinating hearing some of the inner thoughts of such a great athlete.

The evaluations tonight were handled by Jan, Ade, JP and Ellie, and the role of timer was expertly handled by Luke.

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