A clean sweep!

Dave Young took a clean sweep of the winter trophy collection tonight with two winning speeches!  It was a massive evening with nine speeches in total, including several ‘firsts’ for people involved.  Such firsts included Jen (Contest time-keeper), David (Contest Sergeant-at-arms), Tim (Contest Organiser), Dave B (Contest Chair) & Chrissy (Contest Chair).  Incredible.

The tabletopics contest topic was “Charity makes the world a better place”.  Competing was Ade, Tim, Dave B, Dave Y & JP with Dave B taking 3rd place, JP 2nd and Dave Y 1st.


Ade lead the charge in the second half with a ‘warm-up’ speech “Twice is nice, or double the trouble” – a fantastic tale of twins, travel, birthing and reflection.  Ade was animated, enthusiastic and entertaining – everything the audience needed to ‘get going’ after a round of pies, scones & sweets for supper.

Next was JP with “Lessons from an extrovert”, a series of lessons retold as a warning of growing up as an extrovert.  Incidents with questionable water balloons, trouble at volleyball and plenty other tales that the audience laughing and wondering how much of this was actually true!  Great stuff.

Tim followed hot on JP’s heels with “The signal”, a tale of boy-meets-girl, retold from the boy’s perspective focussing on the absurdity of their encounter following a sky-dive and the barriers which stood between the two.

Last up was Dave Y with “We hear but we don’t understand”.  Dave’s speech hung off a hilarious line-up of phrases women often use, yet men misunderstand.  “Oh nothing really” or “I’m fine” and what they really mean in plain english.  “Girls are sending messages and we don’t understand” said Dave.

The results for this section was Tim in 3rd, JP in 2nd and Dave Y 1st.


Congratulations to all competitors this evening and to all those who were involved in the event with roles or bringing a plate.

See you next time