A briefing with creepers

Toastmaster JP kicked the evening off with relevance tonight.  Relevance, because of the difference Toastmasters is making in JP’s life now, with work, new job interviews and growth.  We love to hear stories like this.

Dave B. gave a briefing tonight!  A briefing speech about his VP Membership role in the leadership team at CCTM.  This interesting speech had two parts – a 4 minute briefing, followed by 3 minutes for questions.  Dave did a great job of describing his role and it was great to have the opportunity to involve the audience in a prepared speech.


‘A grown-up’s guide to Minecraft’ was a hilarious educational adventure into the virtual world of the Minecraft computer game.  “The first thing you need to do is punch a tree” said Jennifer, as she began to describe the lego-block world that 12-year-olds find so captivating.  Then there were zombies, skeletons and worst of all – Creepers who go ‘Hissss’ then “BOOOM!”.  Congratulations Jennifer on another great speech.


Dave Y’s Tabletopics were based on some of the world’s craziest newspaper headlines, involving real cat burglars, death by a squirrel & several bizarre escapades with celebrities.

See you all next time!