A toast to voluptuous changes

“Good frosty evening” began toastmaster JP as he welcomed his audience.  But this meeting going to be anything but than frosty – fun, engaging and warm might be better adjectives.

But the madness began when Grammarian Ade introduced the word of the day Voluptuous.  Despite the initial giggles, we managed to prove how this word can be used appropriately to enrich a presentation.  Well mostly.

The first speech of the evening was a great milestone for Dave B as he completed his CC manual with a speech to inspire called “Changes”.  Commended for his use of structure, rich language and sign posting, Dave got right into what it takes to be successful – to embrace change to realise the most important things in life.  “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” he concluded – very apt words for this personal achievement in Toastmasters.  Congratulations Dave!

Competent Communicator Dave B

Our second speech was unique – unique because we’ve never had a speech like this before – Ellie’s speech tonight was an actual toast!  This speech from The Special Occasions Manual was a toast to Gary, our current club president and one of the club founders who was instrumental in establishing the club and driving it through its successes to where it is now.  A very clever speaker, while also a very determined leader who had the vision and drive to ‘make things work’.  The toast was wrapped up with the presentation of a Toastmasters pin for Gary.  We wish you every success in your position as Area Governor this year Gary.

Ellie presents a toast to our club president & founder Gary

Tim’s tabletopics were a riot tonight, as he forced participants to use a pre-made slide-show in their presentation which was based around the definitions of some rather, ahem, obscure words.  Well done to all involved!

See you next time!