Safety, Choices and Lies.

Whoop! What a fun night we had this week at Cathedral City Toastmasters.

At our meet up this week we had Marg as our Toastmaster.
Getting into the swing of things with warm welcome.
Great to see you back in the TM seat Marg.

She invited up JP to introduce Rohit, who gave a short account of Rohit’s speech giving history since he started.

Rohit was then up to deliver a Fire Safety presentation he will be giving at CPIT.
It was informative, interesting and had everyone had learnt something new about fire safety at the end of it.

Next up was Matt to introduce Janet.
It was Matt’s first introduction and he did a stellar job.
He gave a textbook introduction that many toastmasters could learn from.

Janet was up to deliver her speech about the illusion of choice.
We were let into the world of choices and shown what most people regret at the end of their life.
By understanding a bit about what people regret we were able to see how our own choices could limited by outside influences.

Table topics were next with Dave B at the helm.
Each speaker had to tell a story about themselves and the audience had to decide if it was true or fictitious.

1st up was Gary who told us the story about the time he beat a New Zealand running champion  a gold medalist no less, in a running race.
Yes, it was true.

Next was JP who told us about the time he jammed rocks in his togs so he could walk along the bottom of the river.
Stupid, but true.

Marise told of the time she was part of a fear factor contest back in her Uni days.
Eating weird things, risque contests and all sorts of shenanigans.
Since it was Marise, we already knew it was true.

Then to finish off we had Rohit, who told us about the time he rode a tiger.
Whilst we enjoyed the story of him living along this tiger for a number of years, we reconciled ourselves to the fact he was telling porkies.

Hope you had a great time. We’ll see you next week.