Top marriage volunteers celebrate the house

Ade launched us off right on time into what she promised to be another “Fun-filled evening”.  She couldn’t have been more correct!

And the fun began with our grammarian Jan, who put forward the challenge to use the word ‘Celebrate’ during the evening.

David gave a great reading from the book “World Volunteers” tonight.  Beginning with the gap between north & south, then the emergence of the New Economy and collapse of many 3rd world countries, David’s reading built up to a call to action – “Don’t be a spectator.  Take action”.

David delivers a great bard from the book "World Volunteers"
David delivers a great bard from the book “World Volunteers”

Rohit delivered his 6th CC speech tonight titled “An arranged marriage material” – a satirical first-person take on Indian arranged marriages.  Stemming from a recent experience involving a family member, Rohit pieced together some brilliant descriptions of the custom, it’s history, and a very real interpretation of the things that go on “behind the scenes”.  Interspersed amongst the humour were some serious challenges to what might actually be important in a life-long relationship; compatibility, values, earning potential, character & bling!  “There might be hundreds of reasons why.  But there are thousands of reasons why not” he concluded.  A great speech!

Rohit speaks with confidence and without notes
Rohit speaks with confidence and without notes

Then Gary took the floor with a very different speech – a fact-finding report from the Speaking to Inform AC manual.  Based on the Distinguished Club Program and where Cathedral City currently stands, “Top of the heap” was a great report and so much more.  Gary is a man-on-a-mission – he is determined for our club to achieve nine DCP goals by June 30 this year to gain Presidents Distinguished status – something Cathedral City has never achieved before.  Leading from the front, Gary has committed to completing five more AC speeches before June 30 and tonight set about encouraging members to commit to their own challenges through some great emotive language, handouts and visual aids.  Presidents Distinguished Club here we come!

Gary calls us all to action in "Top of the heap"
Gary calls us all to action in “Top of the heap”

Emma’s Table Topics was a riot tonight with participants asked to sell a given house location to Mr & Mrs Sage.  Jan painted a picture of sipping pina coladas in the sun on the deck of a lake-side (Swamp based) house that was oh-so-cheap.  Then Ade landed the difficult proposition of selling a house at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  “Everyone will want to visit” she said, and “Properties like this don’t come up so often” – hilarious!  JP worked hard to deliver on Mr & Mrs Sage’s requirements – excitement, tranquillity, nature – only a house in the Australian outback could deliver all this – just make sure you take precautions to avoid being eaten.  Then Tim rounded it off with a glowing description of a Kahikitea tree-house, with 360 degree views, built-in birds and a new revolutionary pulley system for raising and lowering the entire house.

Congratulations to our guests for visiting tonight and introducing themselves.

See you all next time!