The signal & the couch

Tonight was a short line-up to make room for the leadership meeting that followed. The evening could be described as short, sharp and very high quality!

Leading from the front was Toastmaster Jan, who introduced the evening aptly, welcoming guests and reminding us what Toastmasters is all about.

Tonight’s prepared speech was from Tim – his second from the Entertaining Speaker manual. Titled ‘The signal’, Tim’s speech was centered around a sequence of events in 1999 which lead to himself and his wife meeting for the first time. Delivered entirely in the 3rd person, Tim wound together the story eventually leading up to the penultimate signal which changed the course of their lives.

Tabletopics tonight was incredible! Gary ran the entire session as a television talk-show called “The couch”, where guests were introduced and subjected to his probing questions. Gary even had various “Applause” signs and the inter-guest-banter down-pat!

First up was Jennifer, an Actor, recently famous for her role as a drug-crazed-psychomaniac. Jennifer was incredible as she slipped right into character with her answers, coming up some great ones, such as the way she actually took up drugs to better capture her character!

Jennifer tells all on “The Couch”

Legendary cricketer Dave Y. featured next on The Couch, who for the first time admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to achieve his latest century. Then there was the food poisoning incident in Pakistan which lead to Dave scoring “runs and more runs”.

Next to star on The Couch was Henry, who had recently survived a fall from a 100 story building, only to be saved by an old mattress in a dumpster. We heard how Henry had been having trouble with amnesia surrounding the event, but it came to transpire that Paul Henry had a part to play in the fall!

Another brilliant meeting! Well done!

See you next time!