The E5 Area Tabletopics & Humorous Speech Contests!

This week, on the 20th of November Cathedral City hosted the E5 Area Contest for Tabletopics and Humorous Speeches. Four clubs came together and put forward their best speakers to compete!

First came the table topics contest with the topic Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated. The first speaker was Nic who spoke about working in retail and how some customers can be difficult to deal, obviously not living by this motto.

Gill was up second talking about the 5 love languages: acts of service, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation and physical touch. She strongly believes that people should be treated how they need to be treated in terms of love and care! 

Gerard was third, explaining that he likes to treat others with authenticity and in return he expects to be treated authentically. This applies to a large variety of things in life from personal relationships to his performance at Toastmasters.

Ashu was next talking to us about “what goes around comes around” and how a child learns from it’s elders so the cycle is repeated. He finished with, “treat people with a smile.”

Dave was our fifth speaker with a motivational speech about how we are all on this earth right now, living in the present and how people treat us is a representation of our actions.

Philipp was last but not least with the fact that this sentence was probably in the bible, created over 2000 years ago. A universal concept that promotes kindness and love. Open your doors & cook someone a meal!!


Our second contest tonight was our humorous speech contest with our first speaker being Nick, his speech titled “Ready or Not”. Nick let us all in on the top secret (semi professional) hide and seek organisation that he is a part of. He recommends it for anyone that is a part of Toastmasters and terrified of standing up in front of people and being seen. *Currently googling organisation*

Our second speaker was Gerard with “Wacky Wednesday.” He took us on his first shopping experience with the self check out aka Rachel Steerling. His speech was very animated and had the crowd in stitches of laughter. “Product approval needed. Product approval needed.”

Sephy was third with “Survival of the Quietest,” her guide to surviving in an extroverted world as an introvert. Her guide entailed; acting like a spy and using headphones to seem distracted, technology is your best friend (use emojis to convey your emotions) and her last tip to surviving in such a lethal social environment is accepting and loving yourself for who you are.

Philipp was up next as speaker number four with “Going Through Hell” and his gym membership journey from joining to ending. Broken machines, terrible non vegetarian diets and rude trainers. According to Philipp, gym owners are probably going to hell. We commend him for making it through and making the right choice to terminate his membership.

Sam was fifth with “Mistakes are your friends,” a hilarious journey of his mishaps throughout University life. It sounds like he not only learnt a lot of life skills from his lecturers but also from the club! 

Gary was our final speaker with “Hot chicks, dead cats and killer sharks” a tale of facing fears, dodging sharks (his best friend’s cousin Zelda) and realising true talents on the dance floor. Gary has us in stitches of laughter!

Such an enjoyable evening with such a top quality selection of speakers from the E5 area. A big congratulations to all of our winners, listed below. It was a pleasure hosting and we wish everyone luck as they move onto the next level! 

Tabletopics Winners: 1st Dave, 2nd Gerald, 3rd Gill

Humorous Speech Winners: 1st Sephy, 2nd Gerald, 3rd Gary


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