Drug testing the NZ psyche

What an entertaining evening! But that’s what it’s all about – a good dose of fun and something to learn along the way. Congratulations to our speakers tonight, Scott & Rohit on two great presentations. Scott used toastmasters tonight as a test-run for a talk he will give on drug testing tomorrow at his work. Awesome. A great example of an informative speech with plenty of detail and facts. And Rohit who delivered a great anecdotal speech on events surrounding the last rugby world cup. He demonstrated how to make a great delivery by twisting humour and story into a talk. We had two readings tonight – one from Ade on the topic of our Americas Cup loss and some systemic failings of the NZ psyche, then ‘A prayer for the 21st century’ from Tasha, a rather haunting litany of 21st century fears and anxieties.

Jonathan’s tabletopics session tonight reached laugh-until-you-cry levels, with a series of maniacal stories that interweaved from one to the next. Cleverly matching other Toastmasters with random places, we heard why Dave B went to the movies with Tasha, why Tasha then took Rohit to the races, then Ellie explained what she was doing at the dump with Tim and Jennifer what she was doing at a swap party with Ellie and a broken teapot. Marg wrapped it all up with a brilliant recount of her expensive dinner out with Scott!

Jonathan will have the schedule for next week very soon. See you all next time!

Tasha delivers a bard ‘A prayer for the 21st century’ by John Marsden

PS. Congratulations to Marg and Jennifer for joining Cathedral City TMs!