What one has she must euphorically revive

It was a packed house tonight and so great to have what was almost the full crew along and to host our guests Luke & Stephanie.  Toastmaster JP was in fine form tonight, beginning by describing his recent effort to ‘disconnect’ on a Saturday, a challenge which he relayed on to the audience to also disconnect from technology and be more present.

Grammarian Matt was next with the word of the day “Revival”.  Matt challenged us to look past the literal definition of resuscitation, but to think about rejuvenation, reinventing and “inject the word” wherever we could.  We didn’t disappoint!

Sam B gave a Bard reading tonight, this time from a speech the american author William Faulkner gave when receiving the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature.  Evaluator Dave Y praised Sam for choosing this moving work and the manner in which Sam read it.  Brilliant.

Our first speaker this evening was Kathy, this time starting out in the Storytelling manual with the Folk Story project.  “What one has she must share with the other” was a clever retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Snow-white and Rose-red”.  Relating the story to her own life, and weaving in subtle references to modern life, Kathy really brought this story to life in the manner which she told it.  Dwarfs, black bears, twin sisters and a prince, this story was a classic which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Congratulations Kathy!


Tim was next with his 3rd speech from the “Speaking to inform” manual titled “Euphoric resonance”.  Tim began by playing Star Wars’ Imperial March on his Euphonium brass instrument.  What followed was a practical demonstration of the physics of standing waves in pipes, harmonics and resonance, brought to life through live demonstrations illustrating how the instrument makes its sounds.  Tim wrapped up his presentation with a brass rendition of ‘Danny Boy’ for “audience’s listening pleasure”.

David K’s Tabletopics were epic!  The challenge was to sell, but the merchandise was certainly not straight forward.  Ade was selling 1000 jars of marmite and Dave Ba was selling unicorn meat (It gives you wings apparently!).  Jane had a lock of Justin Beiber’s hair to sell, marketing this as an opportunity for cloning the pop star.  She was followed by Gray who pitched bacon lip balm to his audience and Jan who had surprising number of uses for hoola hoops!  Congratulations to our guest Stephanie for introducing herself tonight.


See you all next time!

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