• New Venue For An Amazing Club

    Tonight we moved in to our new venue and heard some amazing speeches.

  • Up for the Challenge!

    On February 19that Cathedral City we had the well-organized and inspirational Hannah as our Toastmaster for the evening. She had stories of life lessons intertwined throughout her chairing of the evening, one even involving a water blaster. We… Read More


    Happy New Year Cathedral City!!   Tonight our first meeting was kicked off with Diane as the toastmaster, a fantastic turn out and a packed line up of speakers!   Our first speaker was Carl with his speech… Read More


    Tonight we had Toastmaster Nick in charge, leading us through the meeting. We began with a big congratulations to Sanna on her brand new baby boy! We wish her and her son all the best!! First up we… Read More

  • Productive Procrastination & Crazy Family Christmas Photos

    On our last official meeting for 2018 we had Dave Y as our Toastmaster opening the show. We got well under way with Nick as our one and only speaker. Nick’s speech was titled “Productive Procrastination” and was… Read More

  • The Meta Game, Lush Lawns & Guitar Music filled Childhoods

    On the 27th of November at Cathedral City we had Carl as our Toastmaster! After a few last minute changes he pulled together a stellar evening that had us all learning, growing and entertained.  JP was speaker one… Read More

  • The E5 Area Tabletopics & Humorous Speech Contests!

    This week, on the 20th of November Cathedral City hosted the E5 Area Contest for Tabletopics and Humorous Speeches. Four clubs came together and put forward their best speakers to compete! First came the table topics contest with… Read More

  • New Beginnings & Successful Endings

    Tonight on this warm evening at Cathedral City, we had our ever enthusiastic Ellie as Toastmaster. She welcomed us to the meeting and let us into a superb night. First up we had Jonathon who presented us with… Read More

  • Humorous & Table Topics Contests!!

    Tonight Cathedral City held it’s annual humorous speech and table topics contents! Our humorous contest was chaired by long standing member Tim who did an outstanding job with Richard providing the perfect hilarious warm up speech “I didn’t… Read More

  • SM, Vegas, Finland and a bit of Craft Beer!

    Happy October Toastmasters! At Cathedral City we kick started our first meeting of the month jam packed with many memorable speakers and lots of laughs! We had Philipp as our Toastmaster and even with only one arm in… Read More

  • MOI (hi there)

    Moi fellow Toastmasters!   This week at Cathedral City we were lucky enough to have Sanna not only as Toastmaster this week but also as a speaker! She lead us through a well organised meeting, she gave us… Read More

  • The Joys of Parenting

    Joys of Parenting and Universal Basic Income

  • Cheers!

    Today we have celebrated Tim’s achievements and the end of the Toastmasters Year. Let the New Year begin!:)

  • Speakathon – the speech bonanza ! \o/

    8 speeches from all walks of life in a day! From law and travel to home gadgets and healthcare. Everybody has learnt a tremendous amount of useful info, had lot’s of fun and enjoyed some nibbles.

  • From holidays and happiness to Ashworts and AMSR.

    Full on meeting with 4 speakers, Grammarian and Table topics!

  • Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Culture

    Eva has promoted inclusive culture and it benefits at the workplace for achieving success as well as promoting personal development in individuals.

  • Welcome onto and back

    2 welcomes took place today. One welcome onto the stage from Ellie and one welcome back to Philipp who returned back from his travels.

  • Moscow and Christchurch: what’s the difference?

    Today, we have found out about differences and commonalities of life in Russia and New Zealand. Toastmasters truly unites the world.

  • Our Purpose and Personality

    The value and importance of the Purpose and Personality in our lives have been discussed today. See you all next week!:)

  • Laudable Lighting Design & Kindness

    We have today learnt about the Lighting Design in Commerical Buildings and about the importance of being kind to ourselves.

  • Humor, Safety and Hobbits

    Cathedral City has had a very fun meeting today and everybody has contributed to the great meeting full of humor and laughter.

  • Our “Miracle” Evening and the Bridge.

    Last meeting for Q3 with 3 excellent speeches. Look forward to the miracles in the Q4.

  • Swimming and Feedback

    It has been another fun meeting at Cathedral City Toastmasters Club today. We have had 2 amazing speeches presented by Amanda and Nick, Toastmasters Promise from Richard and Educational from one of the founders of our club – Ellie.

  • Pandora’s Box Revealed

    Tonight we heard about hydrogen fuel cells and how to recover from a major injury.

  • Story-time and a Farewell

    Tonight’s meeting was all about Dr. Seuss and Pandora’s Box.

  • Ice-breaker and a Penguin

    Tonight we heard an award acceptance speech and learned what it takes to overcome a fear of flying.

  • Welcome to 2018!

    The Berlin Wall meets electric cars.

  • Ice-breaker Version 2.0

    Tonight we heard a farewell speech and an ice-breaker from our club President!

  • Pathways Are Coming

    Tonight we learned about the brand new Pathways education system coming to Toastmasters.

  • Earthquake Digital Archive and Road Safety

    Tonight we heard about the Christchurch Earthquake Digital Archive and the disappointing road crash statistics of New Zealand.

  • Halloween Special

    Funny hats and bumble bees while eating in the dark!

  • Building a Speech 101

    Tonight we heard about leadership and learned 7 tips for writing a speech.

  • Back Room Meditation

    Tonight we heard a wonderful award acceptance speech and we learned about a meditation retreat.

  • Vitiate the Fear of Evaluations

    Tonight we learned how to give great educationals and why getting made redundant at work isn’t always the end of the world.

  • Divine Mindfulness

    Tonight we heard about the benefits of thinking positively and the proper way to introduce a speaker.

  • Mentoring the Baby On Board

    Tonight we heard about being in the girl scouts, and why mentoring is so very important.

  • Choosing a Speech Topic 101

    Tonight we heard an emotional story of loss.

  • Contest Winners!

    Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests were held tonight.

  • Sleep Patterns and Microwaves

    We held a mock contest at Cathedral City tonight.

  • Body Building Turtles

    Tonight we heard about posing on stage and the excitement of scuba diving.

  • The Mathematics of Quilting

    Tonight we heard about excelling in maths class and the basics of making a beautiful quilt.

  • Infected With the Power of Resistance

    Tonight we learned about veganism and the inspirational story of an elite athlete.

  • Moments of Truth

    A fun tabletopics kept us warm on a chilly night.

  • Impromptu Speeches Galore

    The flow of electricity was explained and we learned when to quit our jobs.

  • Mindfulness of Bright Lights

    Tonight we heard an ice-breaker speech about imposter syndrome!

  • And The Award Goes To…

    Tonight we visited Africa and the art of evaluations was explained.

  • Words, Love and Ariana Grande

    Tonight we learned the importance of loving ourselves.

  • Quitting Taxes

    Tonight we heard about the struggles of giving up smoking.

  • Failure at the Airport

    Tonight we learned about the Toastmasters roles and responsibilities.

  • Driving Lessons and Powerful Protests

    Tonight we celebrated Mother’s Day.

  • Elections 2017

    A new team has been chosen!

  • Lest We Forget

    Tonight we heard tales of bravery and resilience in the face of hardship.

  • Ice-breaker #3

    Tonight we learned about the dangers of Hepatitis C.

  • Educating a Roast

    Our President moves on to greener pastures.

  • Sugar Addiction and Bridesmaids

    Tonight we learned how to become the club that has gone where no club has gone before.

  • Joining the Army with a Crazy Cat

    Tonight we heard a phenomenal ice-breaker speech.

  • Toddlers and Teenagers

    A short but fun meeting, with social drinks afterwards!

  • Breaking the Language Barrier

    Tonight we learned about home safety and how to appreciate imperfections.

  • The Last Day of Summer

    Tonight things got hot and steamy (in a Finnish sauna).

  • International Speech Contest Feb 2017

    Tonight we enjoyed the International and Evaluation Speech Contests.

  • Valentine’s Day for Famous Mining Engineers

    The challenges of the mining industry and a historical figure we all need to remember.

  • Changing The World of Public Relations

    Hearing loss and the power of Facebook marketing was explained.

  • Prolific hold-ups at the age of 21

    Tonight we learned about the important tasks required when organising club contests.

  • Busy Night – First Speech, Tenth Speech and so much more.

    Make sure you come along to see our speakers show off theirs skills. Remember all of our club members are just like you. They came to learn how to stand up in front of people and talk. Come… Read More

  • A Tribute to Christmas in Finland

    Tonight we heard a moving tribute and visited a frozen Christmas wonderland.

  • Change Your Perceptions About Boot Camp

    Tonight we were challenged to get up early and to reconsider our perceptions.

  • Discovering The Important Things In Life

    Tonight we heard a moving speech about what is truly important in life.

  • Bees Follow The Kettlebell Pathway

    Tonight we enjoyed another amazing ice-breaker speech!

  • A Highly Motivated Wedding in Vegas

    Tonight we heard about the importance of staying motivated and an exciting elopement in Las Vegas.

  • Earthquakes + Earthquakes = ?

    Tonight we had two speeches about earthquakes and a classic edition of table topics.

  • Categorise this!

    Tonight we celebrated Matt’s amazing conclusion to his CC manual, and heard Sanna explain why we shouldn’t categorise people.

  • Tuktuks, sharks and pneumonia patients

    Tonight we heard about travelling in Sri Lanka and Perth, and what it was like being a nurse in the 1980s.

  • Plastic Bags and the Six Minute Unit

    Tonight we heard about the evils of plastic, the sneakiness of lawyers, and the cleverness of cats.

  • The Little Things in Life

    Club contests are put under the microscope.

  • Phobia of Lost Children

    This week we found out about the top phobias, what to do when you lose a child, and why we need to listen closely to a child’s feelings.

  • Tectonic Plates of the Unconscious Mind

    Little known Olympics events “walking long jump” and “synchronised pairs javelin” also made an appearance.

  • Surveying Classic Literature

    To Kill A Mockingbird comes highly recommended and the recent club survey is explained.

  • Theme Night!

    Please have your boarding passes ready.

  • Coffee Addiction Meets Electrical Engineering

    The history of coffee is explained, and we hear about the life and times of an electrical engineer.

  • Salubrious Superpowers

    The great Muhammad Ali is remembered and exciting changes are coming to Toastmasters!

  • Grandads and Earthquakes

    Hannah gives an amazing icebreaker and Binaya discusses the changing times of Christchurch.

  • Curb carbs or call me Trev

    Tonight we learned about healthy eating and catching Kakapo.

  • Road Rage and Kinder Surprise

    Cathedral City’s very first video recap!

  • Distinguished Club Program 10 / 10!

    The wonders of nuclear fusion and the pitfalls of cold-calling were on show tonight.

  • Surfing the housing crisis

    A fun night of surfboards, dodgy dealings, and unwanted tattoos.

  • Rocks, rocks, everywhere

    The dark side of olive oil production and extended monologues in a QuakeBox

  • What was being served?

    The weather outside was frightful, but David Knight was so delightful

  • Chasing reasons to go thinking in the midst of Nepal

    You never know what you’re going to get at our club & tonight was no exception!

  • A new committee elected

    We’re all set for the next Toastmasters year with a new committee elected and set to start from July 1. From left to right, our new leadership committee is: Dave Br (President), Ade (VP Membership), JP (VP Education),… Read More

  • PR Habits along the Routeburn Track

    A great night learning about PR, Habit forming and breaking and the pain of hiking the Routeburn Track.

  • Car washing the building contract in yoga pants

    Dirty cars, dodgy builders and downward dog.

  • Don’t be immutable

    This short night out, was full to the brim!

  • Yoga, houdini dogs … let’s talk about it

    You never know what you’re going to learn at our meetings. Tonight was no exception, with three thoroughly interesting key speeches.

  • Summer’s a plastic folk tale

    This meeting was bursting at the seams! Everyone had a role, everyone had some cake and we all had some fun.

  • DIY, Psychology, A Musician and Midwifery in the Middle East… How do we fit it all in!

    Another super fun night of laughing, great speeches and of course learning how to master the fear of public speaking. Come see us!

  • Caption that! Race for an ice breaker

    Another ice-breaker night! This time it was Kahu’s turn to kick off the Toastmasters programme.

  • How to G.R.O.W. and still have time to read the news

    Autumn has very much arrived here in Christchurch, but the chilly weather outside did not affect the warm atmosphere at this week’s meeting.

  • First amazing contest of 2016

    Tonight saw Cathedral City Toastmasters hold the first International Speech contest for the year, and boy was it a doozy

  • Man’s most Canadian trump card

    Best night of the week? Has to be Tuesday. Has to be Ellie as our Toastmaster!

  • All zipped up inside a camouflaged tank

    It was a shortened evening at Cathedral City Toastmasters tonight, with only a single speech and an ambitious 10 table topics

  • Social media, apartheid and nudist neighbours…all to the smell of fresh bread!

    Where could you go on a Tuesday to hear about the pros and cons of social media, growing up in South Africa under apartheid, and the dangers of swimming naked in your home swimming pool?

  • A wasteful taste of endurance

    It’s great to be back! It’s February already and the club is in full swing.

  • Selling bunny hops and organs

    Welcome to 2016!
    Come and see what we’re up to.

  • Thanks 2015, it’s been great

    It was the end of the calendar year and the half-way mark for the toastmasters year

  • Awkward lions hunt bears in a hurricane wearing handerpants

    “Every week we come here, we laugh ridiculously and we go home again” remarked JP

  • Food and danger at the freezing works

    It was another fun and action packed week at Cathedral City Toastmasters this week

  • Procrastinating early childhood

    We were in for a special treat tonight, with three excellent speeches, including one icebreaker!

  • Keys, locks, flags & leuvers

    Tonight was a whole lot of fun as two teams argued it out over the New Zealand flag referendum in Cathedral City’s annual debate

  • Make the public wave connection

    This was one hearty meeting. Some hearty laughs, some good hearty topics and some moments close to our hearts too.

  • Earthquakes, Obesity and Rugby… Sacrilege!

    A fun filled evening as always. Speeches about terrifying earthquakes, Healthy living, Rugby and use of the word Sacrilege.
    What more could you want?

  • What one has she must euphorically revive

    It was a packed house tonight and so great to have what was almost the full crew along and to host our guests Luke & Stephanie

  • Five, Seven, Then Five – Syllables Mark A Haiku – Remarkable Night

    As always Cathedral City Toastmasters had a great night this week.
    With Haiku, Heart Surgery, A reality check and some longtime listeners first time callers, how could it be anything but.

  • Nuclear hares in contention

    Combined Toastmasters meetings just don’t get any better than this! Tonight we joined Christchurch Toastmasters en-mass over at their regular venue in Cashmere.

  • An epiphany! Gorillas stop wasting water

    This evening was jam packed with goodness. There was learning taking place left-right-and-centre as several people took on new roles and others extended themselves in all kinds of ways.

  • When am I going to be wrong?

    What an evening! Gripping, informative and bursting with entertainment.

  • Childhood memories of forgotten babies

    Tonight’s contest must have set some kind of record, with nine contestants registered in the Table Topics Contest and five registered in the Humorous Speech Contest.

  • Change the perfect patching process

    Change. It comes to all of us, and tonight Toastmaster Ade set ‘change’ to be the theme of the entire evening.

  • Morse, Metaphors and Mockingbirds

    Super fun night this week. Very different to what we’re normally used to. Come on in and see what happened.

  • Step into a universal distinguished surprise party

    The DTM award is the highest award a person can achieve through Toastmasters and tonight we celebrated this with Gary.

  • Foreign Nurse? Lakeside Holidays? Flag it…

    Such fun tonight! Journey’s to the past, visits to the lake district and wholesome discussion about the ole NZ flag… Oh and some tome foolery too.

  • Put that new lung forward

    With JP in the hot-seat, this evening came with plenty of laughs and a few surprises too

  • Who will educate our young jet planes

    Three great speeches, a bard and a fantastic round of table topics hardly left time for a cup of tea in the middle

  • That age old motivational poster

    We had a lot to celebrate tonight right at the end of the Toastmasters year

  • Something happened to Mother in another dimension

    Our Toastmaster has clearly been feeling the chill judging by his attire tonight

  • Sustainable shiver me trifecta

    “It might be cold outside, but it’s definitely warm in here” began Toastmaster Dave Y in a truly figurative sense

  • The rising power of hullabaloo with impact

    “We’re all here to practise and to learn” announced Toastmaster Tim as he welcomed what was a massive gathering of members and guests

  • Exemplary bald baby goats in a fishing marathon

    With all our scheduled speakers unable to participate, Gary pulled together a great evening exemplifying the very qualities we aspire to master at Toastmasters.

  • Do you mind augmenting with Nottingham?

    “What an encouraging evening” summed up Ellie, our general evaluator for the night who had nothing but praise for the entire session

  • An alternative through the lens of the Batchelor

    A monumental evening with two great speeches and a hilarious table topics hosted by Jan

  • Fairy-tales and other stories

    “Rhapsodic” was our word for the evening, and the meeting was indeed a rhapsody of fun, learning, and fantastic story telling.

  • Canines, Peace and History

    An evening of laughs and deep emotion. Take a look for yourself.

    “Photograph by Mark Lincoln CC-BY-NC-ND”

  • It’s more than just Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous.

    Want to make more money on your next house sale. Or perhaps just want to know what kind of rock you just stubbed your toe on?
    Then stop on by, because we have it covered.

  • Wet Exiting with Bertrand

    Just when you thought all the mystery had gone from the world. Enter Ellie Young.

  • To this time of daylight

    What do you do when your agenda’s gone to the pack? You carry right on, Toastmasters style!

  • A bad day at the office, but it’s still your fault

    Tonight’s meeting was Toastmasters perfection – a truly stirring speech and another that was enlightening, loads of entertainment and laughs and a whole lot of learning too.

  • St. Patrick’s Disney Trip, complete with Gobbledygook.

    Our Toastmaster for the evening Gary was in fine form, with humour and quick wit he made the evening flow with seamless ease.

  • Oh those troublesome rocks

    Super-challenging tabletopics, a phenomenal ice breaker and an educational with a touch of meditation!

  • Oh no, lend me your triumph

    Time keeping was the theme of the night and Toastmaster Dave B really had us thinking right from word go when he declared that time was always fixed and only energy is variable.

  • What the rainbow was I thinking?

    It’s always surprising just how much you can learn at one single Toastmasters evening and tonight was no exception

  • Did you know the art of bad news?

    With 7 visitors, 15 minutes for Tabletopics, a speech, a bard and a grammarian the evening was well set to be both entertaining and an occasion to learn something!

  • Remembering Inchcape bus with letters

    Toastmaster Ellie had her entire audience wrapped around her little finger right from the get-go

  • Change your life, speaking with sharks

    We were told tales of sharks and the native wildlife of Stuart Island. We were all jealous.

  • We’re back with Mincs of Mice

    We were back with a bang tonight with two great speeches, a neat round of table topics and lots of new faces!

  • That’s a wrap! Thank you 2014

    We wrapped up the year in style tonight with some great food, great fun amongst some great company.

  • Change resignation to green oak

    Toastmaster Kathy was on fire tonight, running an ultra-smooth meeting right from the punctual start through to the graceful end.

  • Joyful Jubilations

    ‘Tis not quite the season but you would have been forgiven for thinking it was already upon us if you had been at toastmasters last Tuesday. Toastmaster Jennifer, first time in the role, did an excellent job of guiding the evening and encouraged many expressions of joy.

  • A muddy good mindset

    A shorter evening tonight to allow time for a social drink afterwards – short but high quality, very entertaining including some fantastic ‘first times’ as well.

  • Whodunnit and a bonanza of global destinations.

    Back into the main arena for the summer season, tonights meeting took us around the world and intrigued us with a murder mystery …

  • A record positive evaluation

    Our stand-in Toastmaster was Dave B, who did a great job pulling together a truly memorable evening!

  • Are you a potato or a coffee bean?

    It was a short evening but a good one, with plenty of willing volunteers stepping up to fill gaps in the programme left by unforeseen absences. Ade became our impromptu Toastmaster, and did such a good job that you would have thought she’d had days to prepare rather than minutes!

  • Quiz Night. Oh Yeah!

    We had a great night tonight quizzing it up! The competition was ferocious and hilarious.
    Make sure you join us next time for an epic evening.

  • Anaesthetised stand-up concorde

    As our timer David said in his report, ‘From burning planes to burnt chips, we’ve had it all’!

  • Swimming with smell-free blogs

    Tonight was one of those sink-or-swim nights! The odds were stacked against us with many people away, then access trouble to the building, but we eventually got going – we chose to swim!

  • Vegas Playas & would the Real Santa please stand up

    Our Toastmasters were in fine form this week with everyone putting forward a great effort.

  • The glass is half full of golf shoes

    This evening had something for everyone. A good dose of laughter, some speaking experience, some of Jan’s scrummy ‘failed fudge’ (Seriously Jan – it wasn’t a failure!), a whole lot of applause and plenty of learning to match.

  • Praising shoe rhymes

    Oh what a night! Some great speeches, a whole bundle of laughs and a lot of learning.

  • Remembering a roadmap to confidence with experience

    Toastmaster Ade was bright, welcoming and organised – everything a good Toastmaster should be! With the speakers all lined up and all the seats filled she launched the evening right on time

  • Springing voxels have spiderism

    “Spring has sprung!” began Toastmaster Margie with a smile. This was a warm and friendly Toastmaster meeting – a spring-feeling-spiderism-voxel-concoction of epic proportions!

  • A briefing with creepers

    Toastmaster JP kicked the evening off with relevance tonight. Relevance, because of the difference Toastmasters is making in JP’s life now, with work, new job interviews and growth. We love to hear stories like this.

  • A clean sweep!

    Dave Young took a clean sweep of the winter trophy collection tonight with two winning speeches! It was a massive evening with nine speeches in total, including several ‘firsts’ for people involved.

  • A revolutionary incident with insects

    With a slow clock doing it’s best to start us late, a relaxed Toastmaster Gary took charge of the situation and launched the meeting with style and grace.

  • Double trouble cloud

    Toastmaster Chrissy was very excited when she saw the massive lineup of cars in the parking lot and people filling into the auditorium tonight. But we weren’t using the auditorium tonight, and the masses of people weren’t all coming to join our Toastmasters club! But we did have one welcome guest and some fantastic speeches.

  • Truthful moments

    It was time for a club health-check – this evening we took the opportunity to run the Toastmasters Moments of Truth program. Leading the session was Mike Johnson ATM who with a rich background in HR introduced himself as someone “who loves to work with people” and was clearly relishing the opportunity to work with Cathedral City Toastmasters to make us even better.

  • A Cocktail of Books, 27.5 and Chemicals

    Choc-a-block evening we had this week. Toastmaster Ellie kicked us off by introducing our General Evaluator and our three speakers for the evening and a big reminder why it’s ‘THE BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK!’.

  • Running out of a gritty version 2.0

    “Grit.  It’s the fire in your belly that pushes you along” began CCTM President JP as he introduced the night with our new official Toastmasters agenda. “Which night is it?” asked Toastmaster Ellie – “The best night of the week” we… Read More

  • GUI Leadership

    One word… Awesome. That’s what our Toastmasters meeting was like this week at Cathedral City Toastmasters. Our Toastmaster for the evening Dave got us underway by with a message about saving trees, it was a subtle point, but… Read More

  • Egregious time for publicans to say goodbye

    JP was our Toastmaster of the evening, who did an exceptional job of bringing the programme together when others were absent. Kenneth read a bard tonight of an XKCD post on Burning Pollen. The speech was delivered in great… Read More

  • Salient love for food & purple

    What a salient evening!  Congratulations all on making it such a success. Tim began with a story about the terror of going impromptu in front of a green screen at work.  Then Jennifer introduced our word-of-the day “Salient” with… Read More

  • Ten out of ten!

    With another rain storm set-in over Christchurch and some of our members stranded in the flooding, the weather very nearly got the better of us.  But that was until Jennifer came to the rescue offering her living room just over the… Read More

  • A toast to voluptuous changes

    “Good frosty evening” began toastmaster JP as he welcomed his audience.  But this meeting going to be anything but than frosty – fun, engaging and warm might be better adjectives. But the madness began when Grammarian Ade introduced the word of the day Voluptuous.  Despite… Read More

  • Look for awkward cricket in the park

    “A relaxed evening” began General Evaluator Ellie with a smile, “But relaxed in the sense that I can see so many people stepping out, calmly enjoying the challenge and delivering on that challenge”. With three prepared speeches for the… Read More

  • A persuasively fast mini-OE

    Tonight was what Toastmasters is all about. People taking first steps, people really extending their capabilities and with plenty of hearty laughs mixed in. Congratulations Kathy on pulling off such a warm and successful meeting. Kenneth’s icebreaker speech… Read More

  • From takers to givers

    Tonight was the Cathedral City Toastmasters Annual General Meeting – that pivotal time of the year where our outgoing club officers report on the year that was, and we elect a new team of members for the forthcoming Toastmasters… Read More

  • Safety, Choices and Lies.

    A fire safety presentation, the illusion of choice, a running champion, rocks in your togs, fear factor-challenges and Rohit rides a tiger? It could only be another awesome night at CC Toastmasters!

  • Dreams, Heros & Circles of Gold

    It was a ‘meeting from heaven’ said general evaluator Ellie.  ‘Each speaker responded to the audience.  We all just clicked’. And the clicking did indeed start with Toastmaster Janet, who warmly welcomed us all and got the meeting running… Read More

  • Inspiration and Time Travel

    This week we changed it up a little at Cathedral City by hosting a graduation of Speechcraft, it was awesome! Gary kicked us off by welcoming us all and setting the scene before handing things over to the… Read More

  • A technically simple night at the movies

    What a fantastic meeting we had on Tuesday night. With a mixture of technical speeches, interesting topics and good ole Toastmasters Tom Foolery, we had a great time. Ellie kicked us off as Toastmaster, reminding us that Tuesday… Read More

  • Spectacular marriage setup with rhyme

    Toastmaster Dave demonstrated the role perfectly, beginning the evening right on time in a welcoming manner. Grammarian Ade introduced the word of the day ‘Spectacular’ and derivatives ‘Spectacularly’ and ‘Spectacle’, before rounding off with a short poem by… Read More

  • Live & flourish with Charles

    Tonight’s meeting was flourishing with variety, and people too as we had to pull in extra seats to accommodate our guests! Toastmaster Tim kicked off on time getting straight into the programme, beginning with a bard from Rohit…. Read More

  • Moving beyond half spectrum

    With rain lashing down outside, tonight’s meeting was a little quiet on attendance – but that didn’t stop us from filling the room with fun & hearty laughter. Quotes seemed to be the order of the evening for… Read More

  • Top marriage volunteers celebrate the house

    Ade launched us off right on time into what she promised to be another “Fun-filled evening”.  She couldn’t have been more correct! And the fun began with our grammarian Jan, who put forward the challenge to use the… Read More

  • A Tōhoku mother’s church relish

    A quick-fire evening that was packed with variety, entertainment and learning opportunities. Kenneth kicked off the evening with a day in history, very appropriately centred on today’s 3rd anniversary of the Japanese Tōhoku mega quake and tsunami.  Delivered… Read More

  • Cooking up a Tiramisu dictionary

    What a night, rainy and stormy outside with gales of laughter inside. Speeches Jennifer enlightened us to the origins of the modern dictionary and Samuel Johnson’s legacy to the English Language.  He was the father of the modern… Read More

  • Seven leaders play whippet with relish

    What a night!  Two contests, 8 great speeches and a clean sweep from one CCTM member.  But who took it out?  You’ll have to read on to find out … First up was the Evaluation Contest, chaired by… Read More

  • Eating torrid frogs with chocolate ants

    “Welcome to the best night of the week” began Toastmaster Ellie with a huge smile. And with that torrid introduction we all knew we were in for a great evening. Grammarian Jennifer introduced the word of the day… Read More

  • The world’s greatest multitasking goats

    ‘You’re not alive unless you’re challenging yourself’ was the theme of the night, introduced with style by Dave B. With the challenge set, we stretched ourselves over and over again, from first speeches, to long impromptu speeches and… Read More

  • The signal & the couch

    Why is Jennifer answering questions about recreational drugs? Thinking on your feet is what Toastmasters is all about, but this evening had some real challenges, not to mention a hearty laugh or two …

  • Lost city or feisty bedtime story?

    Here it comes – the usual Tuesday recap, this time from a somewhat unusual Toastmasters evening, an evening which was almost dominated by guests! In the wake of a number of absences we shuffled the agenda around to… Read More

  • Trails formerly with rails and a girl’s best friend

    2014 is well underway with another great evening lead by the very able Toastmaster JP, and featuring two brilliant ‘Visual Aids’ speeches, this time from both of our Brierlys. Ade was first with “Earrings are a girl’s best… Read More

  • Surviving wolves with vegetables

    2014 kicked off with a hiss and roar, but why is Mr Mushroom giving a speech?

  • The big un-wrap

    That’s it. That’s a wrap for 2013. Tonight was the end of year round-up – a chance to have a bit of fun with our wider Toastmaster friends and family.

  • Summer, Leadership and tea-towel undies

    And just like that it was December. The home-straight for the year. But tonight’s meeting couldn’t be further from a wind-down, with two incredible prepared speeches, a manic table topics session and who could forget Inka’s incredible caramel… Read More

  • Work-shopping

    An evening of tips, tricks and traps – tonight’s workshop evening had something for everyone.  Running two concurrent tracks, we went from session to session, learning, discussing and taking notes along the way. Dave Y ran a practical… Read More

  • Parihaka & The Nod

    From the powerful to the light-hearted, tonight’s session was engaging, fun & educational. Toastmaster Dave Brierly had punctuality in mind from the outset and with a concise introduction we were straight into Dave Young’s Bard, an account of… Read More

  • Engineering, new leaves & a ginger cat called chocky

    The agenda was action-packed with three speeches, a 20 minute supper and a presentation to boot – and it was well worth every minute.  For those who haven’t heard, Dave Young took out the Toastmasters New Zealand Humorous… Read More

  • Growing without notes, African icebreaking & Taiaha action

    In the words of our general evaluator Dave Young, tonight was “professional, well presented and well prepared”. Well done all! It was a special occasion for Tim tonight, as he presented his final CC speech, “Growth”. Speaking on… Read More

  • Diwali MC & dreams around the dash

    Toastmaster Rohit set us off tonight with a fantastic recount of what it was like to be MC for five thousand people at last weekend’s Diwali Festival. Well done Toastmaster Rohit! Tonight’s bard was from Marg, a great… Read More

  • Desire of a real job with children

    We shook things up a little with a chair-and-table approach to tonight’s meeting, lead by able-Toastmaster Scott. Inka warmed us up with an insightful reading on the mind and brain exercises, before Dave B introduced the word of… Read More

  • Horsing around with football & gunpowder

    A truely lively evening, with plenty of laughs, and as Jan pointed out in her evaluation, an almost reminiscent theme of our childhoods – explosions, childhood dreams, sports teams & flying beds. We had three blinding speeches tonight,… Read More

  • Illustrious bagology with knickers

    Tonight was an evening filled with evocative, beautiful language. Chrissy set the scene with her word of the day ‘illustrious’. Following on, Dave B delivered a bard rich with clever turns of phrase from a piece by Stephen… Read More

  • Drug testing the NZ psyche

    What an entertaining evening! But that’s what it’s all about – a good dose of fun and something to learn along the way. Congratulations to our speakers tonight, Scott & Rohit on two great presentations. Scott used toastmasters… Read More

  • Demonstrating health & safety with a white mouse

    It was great to see so many people along to our demonstration meeting tonight. We deviated from the regular programme with M.C. Ellie giving our guests a friendly run-down on Toastmasters. Toastmaster Jan was next, setting a great… Read More

  • A supernatural omnishambles

    An interesting & entertaining evening, headed up by Toastmaster Jonathan who kicked us off with a reflective & motivating reading from Marianne Williamson. Tim the Grammarian introduced the word of the day ‘omnishambles’, which only officially became a… Read More

  • Tenacious structure with email & upholstery

    An all-round interesting, entertaining and educational evening. Toastmaster Rohit was captain of the ship and kicked us off introducing grammarian Ade with her word of the day “Tenacious”. Jan took the floor next with a captivating recount of… Read More

  • Post-quake waves of fudge

    It was a night of thoughtful and at times very moving speeches.  Some exceptional use of language – we clearly are a club of word-smiths. Tasha blew us away with her beautifully-crafted speech on post-quake Christchurch, capturing the… Read More

  • A mother knows best, or does she?

    What a great night it was last night with our first ever ‘official’ (judged and scored) Club Debate! My what a battle. With a moot like ‘Mother knows best for her child’ it was bound to get messy,… Read More

  • July 23 Recap

    With three major speeches in one sitting, tonight was as diverse and thought-provoking as an evening could be.  We traversed from Rohit’s fantastic analysis of the cons of TV advertising, to Tim’s technical session on mathematical kiwiana then… Read More

  • Impersonating Italian Churchill

    Tonight was an all-round high quality evening. High quality speeches, high quality language and even some high quality impersonations. And the impersonations kicked off with a brilliant rendition of Winston Churchill’s famous WWII speech, complete with accent and… Read More

  • August 13 Recap

    With three speeches and six table topics tonight, Catherdral City Toastmasters was on fire with some brilliant performances complete with the usual seasoning of entertainment and at times laugh-out-loud comedy. Scott treated us to a great review of… Read More

  • A humorous contest

    Tonight was the 2013 Cathedral City Contest evening, and oh what a night! First up was the Table Topics competition with the topic of the evening, “A memorable moment in my life was …”.  We were treated to… Read More

  • July 30 Recap

    Tonight was all about diversity & learning, with a whole lot of fun mixed in.  Randall blew us away with his tales of near death escapes, soaring with eagles & more in his hang-gliding second CC speech “In… Read More

  • July 23 Recap

    With three major speeches in one sitting, tonight was as diverse and thought-provoking as an evening could be.  We traversed from Rohit’s fantastic analysis of the cons of TV advertising, to Tim’s technical session on mathematical kiwiana then… Read More

  • A juicy trifecta

    What a night! We had the trifecta tonight at Cathedral City, With our three speakers Jan, Randall and Scott. We were treated to three amazing speeches that Inspired us, left us in awe and even a few dry… Read More

  • Smart dreams of shark underpants

    Tonight was one of those great nights.  An enthralling icebreaker from Tasha on being stranded at sea in shark infested waters.  A captivating CC speech from Kathy, chasing her dreams of seahorses and a side-splitting bard from Gary… Read More

  • Humorous flowers

    A great night tonight. A real impromptu evening, with a few members unable to make it we had our Toast Master Dave Brierly step in with a humorous speech and Ellie giving an educational about a….Flower. Oh and… Read More

  • Pike viticulture gripes

    Toastmasters tonight was one of those really memorable evenings. Scott’s icebreaker had us gripped, as he retold his stories on viticulture, Iraq, private investigation and more. Tarsha really moved the audience with her reading about the moment the… Read More

  • Vibrant stingray encounters

    We had 12 members at our meeting last night with Gary leading the charge on Toastmaster. Tim talked about his recent public speaking success at his work then Dave B. launched into his grammarian role with Vibrant being… Read More