New Venue For An Amazing Club

Tonight we moved in to our new venue and heard some amazing speeches.

From holidays and happiness to Ashworts and AMSR.

Full on meeting with 4 speakers, Grammarian and Table topics!

Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Culture

Eva has promoted inclusive culture and it benefits at the workplace for achieving success as well as promoting personal development in individuals.

Congratulations Gary!

Gary achieves 3rd place in the Division Humourous Speech Contest!

Sleep Patterns and Microwaves

We held a mock contest at Cathedral City tonight.

The Mathematics of Quilting

Tonight we heard about excelling in maths class and the basics of making a beautiful quilt.

Lest We Forget

Tonight we heard tales of bravery and resilience in the face of hardship.

International Speech Contest Feb 2017

Tonight we enjoyed the International and Evaluation Speech Contests.

First Night Back for the Year!

We’re back into the swing of things.
Have a look what we got up to this week.
Be sure to come check us out!

Salubrious Superpowers

The great Muhammad Ali is remembered and exciting changes are coming to Toastmasters!