Halloween Special

Funny hats and bumble bees while eating in the dark!

Building a Speech 101

Tonight we heard about leadership and learned 7 tips for writing a speech.

Back Room Meditation

Tonight we heard a wonderful award acceptance speech and we learned about a meditation retreat.

Vitiate the Fear of Evaluations

Tonight we learned how to give great educationals and why getting made redundant at work isn’t always the end of the world.

Divine Mindfulness

Tonight we heard about the benefits of thinking positively and the proper way to introduce a speaker.

Mentoring the Baby On Board

Tonight we heard about being in the girl scouts, and why mentoring is so very important.

Choosing a Speech Topic 101

Tonight we heard an emotional story of loss.

Contest Winners!

Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests were held tonight.

Sleep Patterns and Microwaves

We held a mock contest at Cathedral City tonight.

Body Building Turtles

Tonight we heard about posing on stage and the excitement of scuba diving.