A juicy trifecta

What a night! We had the trifecta tonight at Cathedral City, With our three speakers Jan, Randall and Scott. We were treated to three amazing speeches that Inspired us, left us in awe and even a few dry… Read More

Smart dreams of shark underpants

Tonight was one of those great nights.  An enthralling icebreaker from Tasha on being stranded at sea in shark infested waters.  A captivating CC speech from Kathy, chasing her dreams of seahorses and a side-splitting bard from Gary… Read More

Humorous flowers

A great night tonight. A real impromptu evening, with a few members unable to make it we had our Toast Master Dave Brierly step in with a humorous speech and Ellie giving an educational about a….Flower. Oh and… Read More

Pike viticulture gripes

Toastmasters tonight was one of those really memorable evenings. Scott’s icebreaker had us gripped, as he retold his stories on viticulture, Iraq, private investigation and more. Tarsha really moved the audience with her reading about the moment the… Read More

Vibrant stingray encounters

We had 12 members at our meeting last night with Gary leading the charge on Toastmaster. Tim talked about his recent public speaking success at his work then Dave B. launched into his grammarian role with Vibrant being… Read More