Summer, Leadership and tea-towel undies

And just like that it was December. The home-straight for the year. But tonight’s meeting couldn’t be further from a wind-down, with two incredible prepared speeches, a manic table topics session and who could forget Inka’s incredible caramel… Read More


An evening of tips, tricks and traps – tonight’s workshop evening had something for everyone.  Running two concurrent tracks, we went from session to session, learning, discussing and taking notes along the way. Dave Y ran a practical… Read More

Parihaka & The Nod

From the powerful to the light-hearted, tonight’s session was engaging, fun & educational. Toastmaster Dave Brierly had punctuality in mind from the outset and with a concise introduction we were straight into Dave Young’s Bard, an account of… Read More

Engineering, new leaves & a ginger cat called chocky

The agenda was action-packed with three speeches, a 20 minute supper and a presentation to boot – and it was well worth every minute.  For those who haven’t heard, Dave Young took out the Toastmasters New Zealand Humorous… Read More

Growing without notes, African icebreaking & Taiaha action

In the words of our general evaluator Dave Young, tonight was “professional, well presented and well prepared”. Well done all! It was a special occasion for Tim tonight, as he presented his final CC speech, “Growth”. Speaking on… Read More

Diwali MC & dreams around the dash

Toastmaster Rohit set us off tonight with a fantastic recount of what it was like to be MC for five thousand people at last weekend’s Diwali Festival. Well done Toastmaster Rohit! Tonight’s bard was from Marg, a great… Read More

Desire of a real job with children

We shook things up a little with a chair-and-table approach to tonight’s meeting, lead by able-Toastmaster Scott. Inka warmed us up with an insightful reading on the mind and brain exercises, before Dave B introduced the word of… Read More

Horsing around with football & gunpowder

A truely lively evening, with plenty of laughs, and as Jan pointed out in her evaluation, an almost reminiscent theme of our childhoods – explosions, childhood dreams, sports teams & flying beds. We had three blinding speeches tonight,… Read More

Illustrious bagology with knickers

Tonight was an evening filled with evocative, beautiful language. Chrissy set the scene with her word of the day ‘illustrious’. Following on, Dave B delivered a bard rich with clever turns of phrase from a piece by Stephen… Read More

Drug testing the NZ psyche

What an entertaining evening! But that’s what it’s all about – a good dose of fun and something to learn along the way. Congratulations to our speakers tonight, Scott & Rohit on two great presentations. Scott used toastmasters… Read More