Sleep Patterns and Microwaves

We held a mock contest at Cathedral City tonight.

Body Building Turtles

Tonight we heard about posing on stage and the excitement of scuba diving.

The Mathematics of Quilting

Tonight we heard about excelling in maths class and the basics of making a beautiful quilt.

Infected With the Power of Resistance

Tonight we learned about veganism and the inspirational story of an elite athlete.

Moments of Truth

A fun tabletopics kept us warm on a chilly night.

Impromptu Speeches Galore

The flow of electricity was explained and we learned when to quit our jobs.

Mindfulness of Bright Lights

Tonight we heard an ice-breaker speech about imposter syndrome!

And The Award Goes To…

Tonight we visited Africa and the art of evaluations was explained.

Words, Love and Ariana Grande

Tonight we learned the importance of loving ourselves.

Quitting Taxes

Tonight we heard about the struggles of giving up smoking.