Our Purpose and Personality

The value and importance of the Purpose and Personality in our lives have been discussed today. See you all next week!:)

Laudable Lighting Design & Kindness

We have today learnt about the Lighting Design in Commerical Buildings and about the importance of being kind to ourselves.

Humor, Safety and Hobbits

Cathedral City has had a very fun meeting today and everybody has contributed to the great meeting full of humor and laughter.

Our “Miracle” Evening and the Bridge.

Last meeting for Q3 with 3 excellent speeches. Look forward to the miracles in the Q4.

Swimming and Feedback

It has been another fun meeting at Cathedral City Toastmasters Club today. We have had 2 amazing speeches presented by Amanda and Nick, Toastmasters Promise from Richard and Educational from one of the founders of our club – Ellie.

Pandora’s Box Revealed

Tonight we heard about hydrogen fuel cells and how to recover from a major injury.

Story-time and a Farewell

Tonight’s meeting was all about Dr. Seuss and Pandora’s Box.

Ice-breaker and a Penguin

Tonight we heard an award acceptance speech and learned what it takes to overcome a fear of flying.

Welcome to 2018!

The Berlin Wall meets electric cars.

Ice-breaker Version 2.0

Tonight we heard a farewell speech and an ice-breaker from our club President!