Our “Miracle” Evening and the Bridge.

Last meeting for Q3 with 3 excellent speeches. Look forward to the miracles in the Q4.

Swimming and Feedback

It has been another fun meeting at Cathedral City Toastmasters Club today. We have had 2 amazing speeches presented by Amanda and Nick, Toastmasters Promise from Richard and Educational from one of the founders of our club – Ellie.

Pandora’s Box Revealed

Tonight we heard about hydrogen fuel cells and how to recover from a major injury.

Story-time and a Farewell

Tonight’s meeting was all about Dr. Seuss and Pandora’s Box.

Ice-breaker and a Penguin

Tonight we heard an award acceptance speech and learned what it takes to overcome a fear of flying.

Welcome to 2018!

The Berlin Wall meets electric cars.

Ice-breaker Version 2.0

Tonight we heard a farewell speech and an ice-breaker from our club President!

Pathways Are Coming

Tonight we learned about the brand new Pathways education system coming to Toastmasters.

Earthquake Digital Archive and Road Safety

Tonight we heard about the Christchurch Earthquake Digital Archive and the disappointing road crash statistics of New Zealand.

Halloween Special

Funny hats and bumble bees while eating in the dark!