Five, Seven, Then Five – Syllables Mark A Haiku – Remarkable Night

As always Cathedral City Toastmasters had a great night this week.
With Haiku, Heart Surgery, A reality check and some longtime listeners first time callers, how could it be anything but.

Nuclear hares in contention

Combined Toastmasters meetings just don’t get any better than this! Tonight we joined Christchurch Toastmasters en-mass over at their regular venue in Cashmere.

An epiphany! Gorillas stop wasting water

This evening was jam packed with goodness. There was learning taking place left-right-and-centre as several people took on new roles and others extended themselves in all kinds of ways.

When am I going to be wrong?

What an evening! Gripping, informative and bursting with entertainment.

Childhood memories of forgotten babies

Tonight’s contest must have set some kind of record, with nine contestants registered in the Table Topics Contest and five registered in the Humorous Speech Contest.

Change the perfect patching process

Change. It comes to all of us, and tonight Toastmaster Ade set ‘change’ to be the theme of the entire evening.

Step into a universal distinguished surprise party

The DTM award is the highest award a person can achieve through Toastmasters and tonight we celebrated this with Gary.

The awards are flowing!

The 2014 / 2015 Toastmasters year finished on a high note at Cathedral City with a good handful of awards being filed in the last couple of weeks

Foreign Nurse? Lakeside Holidays? Flag it…

Such fun tonight! Journey’s to the past, visits to the lake district and wholesome discussion about the ole NZ flag… Oh and some tome foolery too.

Put that new lung forward

With JP in the hot-seat, this evening came with plenty of laughs and a few surprises too