The Joys of Parenting

Tuesday the 17th of July provided Cathedral City Toastmasters with another soul warming and skill stretching meeting. With speech themes around parenting experiences and a table topic far from the usual our Toastmasters were in for a fantastic… Read More


Today we have celebrated Tim’s achievements and the end of the Toastmasters Year. Let the New Year begin!:)

Speakathon – the speech bonanza ! \o/

8 speeches from all walks of life in a day! From law and travel to home gadgets and healthcare. Everybody has learnt a tremendous amount of useful info, had lot’s of fun and enjoyed some nibbles.

From holidays and happiness to Ashworts and AMSR.

Full on meeting with 4 speakers, Grammarian and Table topics!

Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Culture

Eva has promoted inclusive culture and it benefits at the workplace for achieving success as well as promoting personal development in individuals.

Welcome onto and back

2 welcomes took place today. One welcome onto the stage from Ellie and one welcome back to Philipp who returned back from his travels.

Moscow and Christchurch: what’s the difference?

Today, we have found out about differences and commonalities of life in Russia and New Zealand. Toastmasters truly unites the world.

Our Purpose and Personality

The value and importance of the Purpose and Personality in our lives have been discussed today. See you all next week!:)

Laudable Lighting Design & Kindness

We have today learnt about the Lighting Design in Commerical Buildings and about the importance of being kind to ourselves.

Humor, Safety and Hobbits

Cathedral City has had a very fun meeting today and everybody has contributed to the great meeting full of humor and laughter.