Notes on preparing and delivering effective speech evaluations Credits Completion of a Speech Evaluation can be used for the Competent Leadership Award, Projects 1, 2, 3, and 8. A Step-by-Step Approach to Speech Evaluation How can you give… Read More

Impromptu Speaking (Table Topics)

What is impromptu speaking? At Toastmasters, Impromptu Speaking is the ability to speak “off the cuff”, without preparation and without notes, on a topic you have just been given.  This is a regular part of a Toastmasters meeting,… Read More

Introducing a speaker

This page gives information on the purpose of introductions, how to introduce speakers, and links to resources about giving effective introductions. Introducing a speaker is one of the shortest speeches you’ll give in Toastmasters, but still an important… Read More

When you are Toastmaster

When you are Toastmaster there is a lot to do.  Planning and preparation are crucial to running a successful fun-filled Toastmasters meeting.  This page gives guidelines when you are the Toastmaster. Begin a few days before the previous… Read More

Organise your speech

Cathedral City Toastmasters runs a regular series of educational speeches.  These special speeches are designed specifically to teach the various skills associated with public speaking. In the video clip below, Vice President Membership & Senior Toastmaster Dave Young… Read More