Going for the hattrick

It’s no secret.  We’re going for 10/10, for the 3rd time running!  That’s the DCP awards system; the Toasmaster’s Distinguished Club Programme – a global awards system for Toastmasters clubs which runs from July 1 each year. In the last two… Read More

Man’s most Canadian trump card

Best night of the week? Has to be Tuesday. Has to be Ellie as our Toastmaster!

All zipped up inside a camouflaged tank

It was a shortened evening at Cathedral City Toastmasters tonight, with only a single speech and an ambitious 10 table topics

Social media, apartheid and nudist neighbours…all to the smell of fresh bread!

Where could you go on a Tuesday to hear about the pros and cons of social media, growing up in South Africa under apartheid, and the dangers of swimming naked in your home swimming pool?

A wasteful taste of endurance

It’s great to be back! It’s February already and the club is in full swing.

Selling bunny hops and organs

Welcome to 2016!
Come and see what we’re up to.