To this time of daylight

What do you do when your agenda’s gone to the pack? You carry right on, Toastmasters style!

A bad day at the office, but it’s still your fault

Tonight’s meeting was Toastmasters perfection – a truly stirring speech and another that was enlightening, loads of entertainment and laughs and a whole lot of learning too.

St. Patrick’s Disney Trip, complete with Gobbledygook.

Our Toastmaster for the evening Gary was in fine form, with humour and quick wit he made the evening flow with seamless ease.

Club meeting roles

Our club revolves around weekly meetings where people are assigned one of several roles to fulfil.  This article outlines each of these roles, breaking down the responsibilities before, after and during the meeting.

Oh those troublesome rocks

Super-challenging tabletopics, a phenomenal ice breaker and an educational with a touch of meditation!

Oh no, lend me your triumph

Time keeping was the theme of the night and Toastmaster Dave B really had us thinking right from word go when he declared that time was always fixed and only energy is variable.