The glass is half full of golf shoes

This evening had something for everyone. A good dose of laughter, some speaking experience, some of Jan’s scrummy ‘failed fudge’ (Seriously Jan – it wasn’t a failure!), a whole lot of applause and plenty of learning to match.

Praising shoe rhymes

Oh what a night! Some great speeches, a whole bundle of laughs and a lot of learning.

Tim’s journey through Toastmasters

With a new job and in need of skills – fast! Tim stumbled in the door at Cathedral City Toastmasters looking for a solution.

Two years later, Tim has finished his CC & CL manuals and now relishes every opportunity for public speaking. Read on to see how Cathedral City Toastmasters changed everything for Tim.

Remembering a roadmap to confidence with experience

Toastmaster Ade was bright, welcoming and organised – everything a good Toastmaster should be! With the speakers all lined up and all the seats filled she launched the evening right on time

Ka-pat! Ka-splat! That was the cat!

We love to “change it up” at CCTM, and the video below is a cracking example of impromptu speaking gone mad. ┬áThe task was ‘Tabletopics’, which is Toastmaster-speak for impromptu speaking, but this time the goal was make… Read More

Springing voxels have spiderism

“Spring has sprung!” began Toastmaster Margie with a smile. This was a warm and friendly Toastmaster meeting – a spring-feeling-spiderism-voxel-concoction of epic proportions!