Truthful moments

It was time for a club health-check – this evening we took the opportunity to run the Toastmasters Moments of Truth program. Leading the session was Mike Johnson ATM who with a rich background in HR introduced himself as someone “who loves to work with people” and was clearly relishing the opportunity to work with Cathedral City Toastmasters to make us even better.

A Cocktail of Books, 27.5 and Chemicals

Choc-a-block evening we had this week. Toastmaster Ellie kicked us off by introducing our General Evaluator and our three speakers for the evening and a big reminder why it’s ‘THE BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK!’.

Running out of a gritty version 2.0

“Grit.  It’s the fire in your belly that pushes you along” began CCTM President JP as he introduced the night with our new official Toastmasters agenda. “Which night is it?” asked Toastmaster Ellie – “The best night of the week” we… Read More

GUI Leadership

One word… Awesome. That’s what our Toastmasters meeting was like this week at Cathedral City Toastmasters. Our Toastmaster for the evening Dave got us underway by with a message about saving trees, it was a subtle point, but… Read More