Dreams, Heros & Circles of Gold

It was a ‘meeting from heaven’ said general evaluator Ellie.  ‘Each speaker responded to the audience.  We all just clicked’. And the clicking did indeed start with Toastmaster Janet, who warmly welcomed us all and got the meeting running… Read More

Inspiration and Time Travel

This week we changed it up a little at Cathedral City by hosting a graduation of Speechcraft, it was awesome! Gary kicked us off by welcoming us all and setting the scene before handing things over to the… Read More

A technically simple night at the movies

What a fantastic meeting we had on Tuesday night. With a mixture of technical speeches, interesting topics and good ole Toastmasters Tom Foolery, we had a great time. Ellie kicked us off as Toastmaster, reminding us that Tuesday… Read More

Spectacular marriage setup with rhyme

Toastmaster Dave demonstrated the role perfectly, beginning the evening right on time in a welcoming manner. Grammarian Ade introduced the word of the day ‘Spectacular’ and derivatives ‘Spectacularly’ and ‘Spectacle’, before rounding off with a short poem by… Read More

Live & flourish with Charles

Tonight’s meeting was flourishing with variety, and people too as we had to pull in extra seats to accommodate our guests! Toastmaster Tim kicked off on time getting straight into the programme, beginning with a bard from Rohit…. Read More