Moving beyond half spectrum

With rain lashing down outside, tonight’s meeting was a little quiet on attendance – but that didn’t stop us from filling the room with fun & hearty laughter. Quotes seemed to be the order of the evening for… Read More

Top marriage volunteers celebrate the house

Ade launched us off right on time into what she promised to be another “Fun-filled evening”.  She couldn’t have been more correct! And the fun began with our grammarian Jan, who put forward the challenge to use the… Read More

A Tōhoku mother’s church relish

A quick-fire evening that was packed with variety, entertainment and learning opportunities. Kenneth kicked off the evening with a day in history, very appropriately centred on today’s 3rd anniversary of the Japanese Tōhoku mega quake and tsunami.  Delivered… Read More

Cooking up a Tiramisu dictionary

What a night, rainy and stormy outside with gales of laughter inside. Speeches Jennifer enlightened us to the origins of the modern dictionary and Samuel Johnson’s legacy to the English Language.  He was the father of the modern… Read More