Seven leaders play whippet with relish

What a night!  Two contests, 8 great speeches and a clean sweep from one CCTM member.  But who took it out?  You’ll have to read on to find out … First up was the Evaluation Contest, chaired by… Read More

Eating torrid frogs with chocolate ants

“Welcome to the best night of the week” began Toastmaster Ellie with a huge smile. And with that torrid introduction we all knew we were in for a great evening. Grammarian Jennifer introduced the word of the day… Read More

The world’s greatest multitasking goats

‘You’re not alive unless you’re challenging yourself’ was the theme of the night, introduced with style by Dave B. With the challenge set, we stretched ourselves over and over again, from first speeches, to long impromptu speeches and… Read More

The signal & the couch

Why is Jennifer answering questions about recreational drugs? Thinking on your feet is what Toastmasters is all about, but this evening had some real challenges, not to mention a hearty laugh or two …