Demonstrating health & safety with a white mouse

It was great to see so many people along to our demonstration meeting tonight. We deviated from the regular programme with M.C. Ellie giving our guests a friendly run-down on Toastmasters. Toastmaster Jan was next, setting a great… Read More

Organise your speech

Cathedral City Toastmasters runs a regular series of educational speeches.¬† These special speeches are designed specifically to teach the various skills associated with public speaking. In the video clip below, Vice President Membership & Senior Toastmaster Dave Young… Read More

What’s it all about?

What is Toastmasters all about anyway? How does it work internationally and at the Cathedral City club? Why should I consider Toastmasters and what do I stand to gain from this?

Read on to find out more.

A supernatural omnishambles

An interesting & entertaining evening, headed up by Toastmaster Jonathan who kicked us off with a reflective & motivating reading from Marianne Williamson. Tim the Grammarian introduced the word of the day ‘omnishambles’, which only officially became a… Read More

Gary’s Toastmasters Journey

Heart pounding and with clammy skin, reading out his first speech was all that Gary manage, but he kept coming back. 13 years later, Gary has seen it all and he still relishes the challenge. Read on to find out how Toastmasters changed Gary for the better and what Cathedral City means to Gary today.

Tenacious structure with email & upholstery

An all-round interesting, entertaining and educational evening. Toastmaster Rohit was captain of the ship and kicked us off introducing grammarian Ade with her word of the day “Tenacious”. Jan took the floor next with a captivating recount of… Read More

Tasha’s speech goes to print

Cathedral City Toastmaster, Tasha Black, last night delivered a blinding speech from the Competent Communicator manual that has today gone to print in the Christchurch Press.

Post-quake waves of fudge

It was a night of thoughtful and at times very moving speeches. ¬†Some exceptional use of language – we clearly are a club of word-smiths. Tasha blew us away with her beautifully-crafted speech on post-quake Christchurch, capturing the… Read More